• Change Up by Sloan Johnson

    A book by Sloan Johnson always leaves me with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  Communication in a relationship is a must as we saw with Clint and Kevin.  It helps to communicate with yourself as well.  We tend to lie to ourselves, which in turn, lie to other people.  Once you are truthful to yourself, you can communicate real truth with everyone else.

    I loved that Clint’s father called him on his shit.  That Kevin got the parental back up he never got.  That got me choked up.  

    Thoughtful, heart-warming and a book that you will read in one sitting.

    WildPitchKevin Green has always been the life of the party. He’s the one everyone turns to for a bit of comic relief. With so many of his teammates coming out of the closet and living healthy lives, it’s getting harder for him to keep the secret only one other person knows: that he’s not as straight as everyone assumes when they see him out with his hot girlfriend. Now, the façade is cracking as Amber decides it’s time to follow her dreams, but she doesn’t want to leave until she knows Kevin will embrace the side of him he’s hidden from everyone but her.

    Clint Davies isn’t sure what to think of his new road roommate assignment. Kevin runs hot and cold toward him and has zero sense of boundaries. He doesn’t think before he speaks, and worse, before he acts. What starts as one night of throwing caution to the wind is instantly complicated in ways Clint isn’t prepared to deal with. He’s never seriously considered a relationship at all, much less an open arrangement with a teammate.

    Having a little fun is one thing, but will Kevin and Clint strike out when things start getting serious?

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  • Truly, Madly, Deeply by Jeannie Moon


    I love when I can go back to Barefoot Bay,  When a wonderful writer like Jeannie Moon, can take me there……..heaven.  I felt so bad for Lila.  They guy she had a wonderful time with leaves, she is pregnant, and the school board are a bunch of idiots.  I was both sad and happy that Nick got hurt.  That gave the two a chance at forever.  Fall in love with Barefoot Bay and Lila and Nick.

    Kick off your shoes, stick your toes in the sand and indulge yourself in a sweet second chance romance on the island of Mimosa Key.  Nick DeMarco is back in Barefoot Bay and is hoping for Lila Novak’s forgiveness. Little does he know, he’ll get a whole lot more than that. Fans of Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay will love meeting new visitors and residents of Mimosa Key in this Kindle Worlds Barefoot Bay romance by Jeannie Moon.


    Nick DeMarco was a covert operative who breezed in and out of the lives of the people he cared about often without warning. This included his sister Josie’s best friend, Lila Novak.  Nick and Lila had a torrid affair the last time he dropped into Barefoot Bay, and now that he’s back, possibly for the long haul, he hopes she’ll forgive him for disappearing without a word. Lila loves her life as a teacher at Mimosa High School, but her affair with Nick has thrown her a curveball she never expected. Carrying his baby, she’s faced with the loss of her job unless she agrees to do the last thing she wants to do – marry him.

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    Jeannie Moon has always been a romantic. When she’s not spinning tales of her own, Jeannie works as a school librarian, thankful she has a job that allows her to immerse herself in books. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jeannie has three kids, three lovable dogs, and resides on Long Island, NY. If she’s more than ten miles away from salt water for any longer than a week, she gets twitchy.

    Connect with Jeannie at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | GoodReads| Amazon

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  • Rush by CA Harms

    Just finished this book.  The first thing you need to know is DO NOT READ THIS AT WORK.  I did and I had to hide the tears and my eyeliner teardrops.  The beginning reminded me of a certain movie I saw once, but not even that movie had me crying the way this book did.  Kinsley is a woman broken by the man she trusted, but it also gave her a strength she couldn’t see.  I love the fact that Ashton was able to see that strength though.  He is definitely book boyfriend material, as are his brothers, Knox and Beck.  They are the knights in shining armor I know I always dreamed of, only these knights ride in black cars driven by Murray. 

    A fantastic read, and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.



    I was running from my husband, a man I thought I’d known. Running from the hell he had put me through.  He’d nearly destroyed the woman I had once been and I would do whatever it took to regain my freedom. 
    I would lie, and cheat.  I would steal if it meant that I never had to go back there.  I’d run and keep running… 
    But there was one problem. I hadn’t planned for Ashton Montgomery.  He was a distraction I couldn’t allow. Not if I wanted to stay safe. I had to remain distant, but he was relentless and had other ideas. 
    I caved because I hadn’t thought it all through, not in detail.  If I had I would’ve realized that you can only live in a fantasy world for so long before everything came crashing in around you. 
    And those lives you’ve destroyed along the way, make you no better than the monster you were trying to break free from.  How could I have been so careless?  It wasn’t meant to turn out this way.
    But the Rush of my freedom took control and I forgot how important it was to keep the secret of who I had once been.  And now I had nothing.  Only the fear that the man I’d run from would find me again, and finish what he started. 



    C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

    She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.



  • Night Shift 2 Cover Reveal


    Today we are sharing the cover for NIGHT SHIFT 2. This book contains incredible bonus materials, deleted scenes, and sneak peeks from 10 authors! All proceeds go to charity and the book will be released September 6th. You can pre-order it now!




    Pre-order it now!

    Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks


    The anthology that raised more than $16,000 for three charities in 2015 is back and sexier than ever. Ten authors are bringing you more of your favorite stories and sneak peeks at future books in Night Shift 2.


    Pucks, Sticks, and Diapers by Toni Aleo – First came love, then came the NHL, then came Baylor and Jayden with a baby carriage.

    Secret prequel bonus scene by Kindle Alexander — A man must reveal his deepest secret to keep the ones he loves.

    Max excerpt by Sawyer Bennett — The Carolina Cold Fury’s hot new star shows his bad-boy teammates that even nice guys can score big in this steamy hockey romance.

    Nights With Him Bonus Epilogue by Lauren Blakey — Life for Michelle and Jack in Paris is about to get busier…

    Forbidden Nights Bonus Epilogue by Lauren Blakely — The night before Casey and Nate’s wedding…

    Enshrine Prequel by Chelle Bliss – When the clock strikes Midnight on New Year’s Eve, two strangers share more than a toast.

    Wicked Impulse Excerpt by Chelle Bliss – Bear, the bad boy silver fox, never thought he’d fall in love again. But when Fran DeLuca, a woman who’s known more for her track-suits, transforms into a vixen clad in skin-tight pants and a killer push up bra, he’s tempted to cross a line he swore he never would. There’s only one thing worse than dating his friend’s sister – sleeping with his mother.

    Sweet Cheeks Excerpt by K. Bromberg – An all new second chance romance: When invited to her ex-fiance’s new wedding, Saylor gets more than she bargains for when an old flame offers to be her date.

    Read the final moments in Eden Butler’s Thin Love series in this deleted scene story, My Always — Every marriage has a moment—it defines the future, it settles doubt. That moment comes for Keira Riley-Hale when her marriage is threatened and she forgets how to find her way back to her husband. Will a brief getaway to the Tennessee mountains bring Keira and Kona to the moment that changes everything in their marriage? Or will that moment never come?

    Royally Deep excerpt by Virna DePaul — A sexy quarterback and an adventurous princess turn some serious sexual tension into the romance of a lifetime.

    Dirty Work bonus epilogue by Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert – Former political rivals Jude and Reagan seal the biggest deal of their lives with a kiss.

    His bonus epilogue by Brenda Rothert – Andrew and Quinn are settled in to their happily ever after when a friend turned foe returns.

    Rescuing Emily bonus chapter by Susan Stoker – See what happens when a Delta Force Operative, Fletch, takes single mom, Emily, and her daughter, Annie on an all-day date.



    Lauren Blakely

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  • THE SEASON: Kingston

    This is Nicole’s first foray into the world of sports romance.  All i have to say is to keep writing them.

    This book was phenomenal.  Loved it.  I really loved that we not only had Kingston and Ellie’s point of views, but also Bianca’s as well.  I mean in a relationship between two people and one has a kid, that person is in a relationship with that kid too.  I loved seeing how everything affected Bianca.  

    I think Rush needs to bring Ellie to Club Destiny, you know, to aid him in getting her kinkier!

    Becoming a goaltender in the NHL is the only thing I ever wanted for myself.
    Goal accomplished.
    Two years ago, I was the best goalie in the league, for the third time. With our Stanley Cup win, the Austin Arrows were on top of the world. Nothing could possibly bring us down.
    Turns out, even when you’re at the top, you can find yourself back at rock bottom. But it gets worse.
    Not only did the team fall from grace, then I did too. I was accused of something I didn’t do. And now I’m being forced to repair my tarnished reputation.
    Only I don’t know how to do that.
    When the suggestion is made for me to pull off this ruse for the media, I know what I’m getting into. I also know there’s only one right answer.
    But it’s complicated, and I’m not the only one who could get hurt.
    There’s only one major problem….I can’t say no.




    Learn more about Phoenix, the owner of Rush’s Austin Arrows in Nicole’s standalone novel A Million Tiny Pieces

    “…And watching as we lost six of the seven preseason games gave me a bit of heartburn, as well, but I’m holding out hope for this year. We’re skating well, have solid puck handling, the team looks strong. Much stronger than last year, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

    Admittedly, I couldn’t let go of some of my key players, no matter how much of a disgrace they’ve been to the team. But I’ve got my eye on one of them in particular right now. Kingston Rush, a.k.a. Mount Rushmore.

    Here’s a guy who was the league’s top goalie two years ago, with three Vezina Trophies under his belt. Quite frankly, he’s a beast and a huge asset to this team—when he’s on his game, that is—so I’m hoping a little extra attention might go a long way.

    I have an idea of what got his jock strap in a twist; I simply need to dig deeper to get to the root of it. Something, or rather someone, turned him from the easygoing, mysterious badass to an instigator who started picking fights with everyone.” – Phoenix Pierce, Owner – Austin Arrows

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with her Kindle in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers – even when she’s supposed to be writing.
    Nicole also writes contemporary/new adult romance as Timberlyn Scott.
    Nicole would love to hear from you!