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I welcome any and all review requests.  I, Karen, am the only reviewer that posts on this blog.  I have no staff.  At times you will see me post as Karen or SiKReviews as I have two Google+ Accounts.  Please refer to my Disclaimers Page for all things legal.Please note, my book reviews are almost always of a positive nature.  However, if you solicited a review from me, I will write an honest review.  In that case, this solicited review can be negative or positive in nature. 

Please note, I do not accept money to review books.  The only thing I receive in exchange for a review is the Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) or a copy of the book that has been either gifted or transferred by the author/promoter.
Please make sure that any request made is at least one (1) month to two (2) weeks prior to the date you wish my review to go live.  Let’s face it, life happens.  If I accept your request, I want to make sure I have ample time to give your book the time and respect it deserves. 

Your request should include the following:–  The author’s name, website, and Publisher. 
–  The name of the book and its genre.
–  The blurb/synopsis of the book.

If I accept your review request, then I request that you email me your full media packet as well as anything you may want me to include with my review post.  For example, but not limited to:  art; dates; links; giveaways; excerpts…….. I reserve the right to omit/change any part of this packet that I deem necessary.

If I do not receive anything like this from you, I will post a picture of the cover, my review and perhaps a link to your website.  

If I deny your request, please don’t take it personally.  There are multiple reasons I might not accept your book.  They are, but not limited to:
–  The blurb and or topic of the story you want me to review doesn’t interest me.  Let’s face it, if it doesn’t interest me, the chances of me giving you an unbiased review is slim to none.  I read many genres of books from YA to BDSM and many things in between, but they are almost always romance based.  I have a page here on my blog where I list authors I have read.  Please feel free to see the authors listed.  It might give you some indication as to whether or not I may be interested in reading and reviewing your book.
–  I don’t have time.  I have other reviews and a life.  If I don’t have the time, I am not going to accept your request.  That would not be fair to you or to me.  I will not accept a review just so I can get a free book.
–   I will be brutally honest, maybe I have read your books and I just simply did not enjoy them.  I will not accept a book review from you simply because that would just.
So, please, if I deny your request this time around, please keep trying.  I try to be honest as possible and I will let you know why I am denying it.  
If you would like to include an interview in along with my post, I do have questions you can answer here and email me the answers.  
If I do accept your request, and agree to a specific date, I will make sure that it is posted on my Blog by no later than noon that day.  (Again, that life thing might stop me from doing it earlier and I want to make sure it goes up.)
I will email you or your representative a link to the review as soon as I publish it to my blog.  I will also publish the review to Amazon and Goodreads.  If there is another site that you wish my review to be published, please provide me a link.  
As I read all my books on my Kindle, I would prefer it if you could please send me the book in Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), MOBI, or PRC.  I do have Calibre and can convert from PDF to MOBI if need be.

If for some reason any part of my published review is incorrect, I do make mistakes, please feel free to email me with your concerns.  I will gladly discuss and correct my posts as necessary.  

After I publish the review to my blog, please be kind enough to post a link to my review on your blog and your social media accounts.  Just like the best way for a reader to thank you for a certain book to leave a review, the best way to thank a reviewer is post a link to said review and refer other authors to me.

Again, thank you for interest in having me read and review your book.
Please email me your request at:

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