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    Dax & Regan have known each other since Regan was born. Dax has been by her and her brother, Lance’s, side through their ups and down. After Lance’s death, Dax takes it upon himself to take sare of Regan. When he is needed, he takes drastic measures and marries Regan. A really great friends to lovers book.

    The Arizona Vengeance is killing it on the ice. But one player can’tseem to keep his eye on the puck—all thanks to the woman he just married to save her life.

    My name is Dax Monahan and hockey is my passion. And if you want to succeed in this sport you have to bust your ass 24/7. I’ve never had a hard time focusing on my career, but when my past comes knocking, no amount of training can prepare me for what lies on the other side of the door.

    Regan Miles was always like a sister to me. When a shared tragedy brings us face to face after several years, I’m shocked to see just how much she’s changed. Gone is the shy, awkward little girl that always used to chase me and her brother around. Instead, I’m faced with a gorgeous woman who makes it damn hard to concentrate on anything but her.

    Turns out, she’s in trouble, and the only way out is to get married.

    I surprise myself when I tell her to marry me. Order her, actually. And most shocking of all, she doesn’t even hesitate before saying yes.

    So it’s settled. We’re getting hitched and she’s moving to Arizona with me. All platonic, of course.

    The catch?
    I never knew I’d fall so hard for my best friend’s little sister.

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    About the Author:
    Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released multiple books, many of which have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

    A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

  • The Breakfast Club Collection by Felice Stevens

    Julian, Marcus, Zach are three different personalities but are the best of friends, brothers by choice.  I love how they meet every week for breakfast.  Each book in this collection focuses on one of the trio and how thy find their loves and their journey to falling in love.  Each book is more touching than the last. 

    I highly suggest this series. It would be a great beach read this summer.


    Title: The Breakfast Club Collection
    Author: Felice Stevens
    Genre: MM Romance

    Release Date: June 13, 2019
    Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.


    Beyond the Surface:
    On 9/11, firefighter Nick Fletcher’s world changed forever. He’s unable to rid himself of survivor’s guilt, made worse by the secret he hides from his family and co-workers. Nick’s life is centered around helping burn victims, until he is reunited with the man he’d once loved but pushed away. Now he has a second chance at a love he thought lost forever.

    For fashion designer Julian Cornell, appearances mean everything. His love affairs are strictly casual, and the only thing he cares about is making his clothing line a success. A chance encounter with the man he loved long ago has Julian thinking for the first time in years there may be more to life than being seen at the best parties and what designer labels to wear.

    When Julian’s world takes an unexpected turn, it’s Nick who helps him regain perspective on what matters most in life. Julian, in turn, helps Nick accept who he is and understand he isn’t responsible for tragedies he couldn’t prevent. Lost love found can be even sweeter the second time around and after all the years apart, both men learn to look beyond the surface to find the men they are inside.


    Betting on Forever:
    A weekend fling in Atlantic City couldn’t be more out of socially shy Zach Cohen’s comfort zone, but a bet with his best friends forces him to put aside the humiliation he’s hidden for years and step away from behind his computer screens and online world. When he meets Sam Stein, despite their spark, Zach expects nothing more than a night of passion and a kiss good-bye. Yet weeks later, he can’t keep the man out of his head.

    After a split-second decision with tragic results ends his twenty-year police career at the same time as his relationship falls apart, Sam Stein is drifting through life. At his best friend’s urging, he agrees to a trip to Atlantic City to clear his head. What Sam doesn’t plan on is meeting Zach Cohen, whose sweet nature and honesty has him thinking maybe he could move forward, until Zach leaves him without explanation, reinforcing Sam’s belief that people can’t be trusted.

    Well-meaning friends refuse to let Zach and Sam hide from each other, forcing them to realize their weekend was much more than a one-night stand. Before that can happen, Zach must come to terms with his past and stand up for his own independence, while Sam has to learn to take a chance and believe in himself and people again. All bets are off when dreams become reality, and forever doesn’t seem to be long enough.


    Second to None
    Nightclub owner Marcus Feldman never met a man he didn’t love, at least for the night. Although his best friends have all found love, Marcus shuns their advice to commit to one man and settle down. His past has taught him monogamy and marriage is for fools, and Marcus is anything but a fool.

    Tyler Reiss’s dream of dancing professionally is unexpectedly cut short and replaced by a different kind of love. He trades in his ballet slippers for go go boots, and spends his nights dancing at the hottest gay club in the city. Flirting with the customers for tips is easy, but resisting the dark and sexy Marcus is becoming harder to do with each passing day.

    Unforeseen circumstances bring Marcus and Tyler closer and though they give in to their mutual passion, both still struggle to guard their hearts. When crises threaten, Tyler and Marcus find their strength in each other rather than falling apart. Tyler must choose to either run, or stay and fight for the life he wants, while Marcus realizes that love doesn’t mean losing himself and opens his heart, making him a better man in the end.


    What Lies Between Us
    Now that he’s living with Sam Stein, Zach Cohen is finally ready to move on from his unhappy past. His days are filled with wedding preparations, yet he still finds time to make plans and decisions without consulting Sam and his mother, firmly believing he knows best.

    Sam is ready to settle in for the perfect life with Zach but years of bad habits have come back to haunt him. Struggling to accept himself and his future, he chooses not to share his fears, unwilling to look weak in Zach’s eyes.

    Real life gets in the way of the best intentions and when their secrets explode, the aftermath challenges the foundation of a relationship both believed unshakeable. Falling in love is the easy part, and Zach and Sam discover that only with honesty can they overcome what threatens to tear them apart.

    This is a novella of approximately 25,000 words in The Breakfast Club series


    Hot Date
    Once again, Julian Cornell is at the zenith of his career; not only have his designs helped the young men and women in the burn unit, he’s about to ink an exclusive deal with the hottest model for his new high-fashion menswear collection. Everything is perfect except his husband doesn’t understand how important it all is to him, and the model might want more than just to walk the runway in Julian’s clothing.

    Nick Fletcher has never been the jealous type; he’s always been confident his place is right by his husband’s side. But now that Julian is about to re-launch his fashion line, Nick fears Julian might be sucked back into a world of beautiful people and wonder what he’s missed being married to a less-than perfect man like Nick.

    Leave it up to two meddling friends who think they know best to arrange a hot date guaranteed to put the spice back in Julian and Nick’s marriage. A couple of silk ties and some sweet and sexy loving enables them both to recall the struggle that brought them back together, a reminder that what lies beyond the surface is a lifetime of love.


    A Holiday to Remember:

    With Lillie away at a sleepover, Marcus and Tyler finally have some much needed time alone together. Marcus can’t wait to get Tyler into bed. He has plans that involve getting and staying naked. But an innocent question from Lillie has Marcus wondering if he’s ready to take that next big step.


    Two Daddies for Christmas

    Two clueless men.
    One determined little girl.
    A whole circle of friends who’ve grown tired of waiting.
    You are hereby invited to the wedding of the king of New York City nightlife, who’s finally marrying his prince charming.

    Too bad neither of them know it’s happening.

    This is an 11,000 word short story set in the Breakfast Club universe, but it features surprise guests from other series.

    Available in Kindle Unlimited


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    Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, Her characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.

    Felice has written over twenty books in the gay romance genre. Her books been translated into German, French and Italian. Her novel. One Call Away, part of her Soulmates series, was mentioned in Buzzfeed as one of the best “Out for You” gay romances of 2017.

    Felice lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. She recently retired from the practice law and now daydreams of a time when she can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there are bound to be a few bumps along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.

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  • Captivate by CA Harms


    CAPTIVATE by bestselling author CA Harms is LIVE!

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    Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Hs8GMv
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    You WILL cry. Period. Best friends and “cousins” turn into something more after years apart. Mike and Maddison needed to grow individually before they could grow together and fall in love. This is a very emotional book you will read in one day because you won’t be able to put it down.

    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]

    I was back in Brooklet Georgia and things were far from how they were when I left years ago.

    Maddison used to be one of the guys, but that was definitely not the case anymore…

    She had changed and damn if it didn’t make my heart race. With each passing second she began to consume me. Her smile made my knees weak and the way she looked at me took my breath away.

    She captivated me, but she was forbidden. She was the one girl I had no right to crave.

    Things became messy, and fast, but to hell with the consequences…she was worth it.

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    C.A. Harms is an avid romance and mystery reader. She’s always had a love for books, getting lost in writing and storytelling even as a young girl. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories.

    She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She holds an addiction for Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha’s and KitKat when she should really be focusing on water and maybe a fruit or two to make herself feel less guilty, but that feeling quickly passes…thankfully.

    She is easy going, fun, and although she may seem like one of the quiet ones at first, you just wait until she gets to know you better…that quietness changes, fast.



  • Broken Silence by Felice Stevens


    Justin is a Poem in of himself:

    He is Snarky to hide his pain.
    He is Brilliant when he applies himself.
    He is Broken from a former lover.
    He is Loving to those he loves.
    He is Traumatized by abuse.

    Foster was perfect for Justin and vice versa. They heal each other as they fell in love.

    Title: Broken Silence (Rock Bottom #1)
    Author: Felice Stevens
    Genre: MM Romance

    Release Date: May 15, 2019
    Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

    Justin Molina has secrets. He’s served his time but remains a prisoner of his past, unable to forgive himself for failing his family when they needed him most. Justin’s grief is overwhelming, but he keeps silent and focuses on his goals. About to graduate college, he tries to keep his head above water—no matter how many times life keeps knocking him down. When he’s forced to register for a poetry-writing class, Justin discovers putting words to his feelings might be exactly what his fractured heart needs to heal. Or is it the older professor with the bow ties and gentle smile who gives him a chance when no one else will?

    Professor Foster Faraday Harding is a broken man. His divorce is final, and he’s reverted back to the safety of his books. Even his poetry no longer brings him joy; he’s sleepwalking through life. The raw emotion of Justin’s poetry awakens Foster to desires he thought long buried in the ashes of his marriage. When he discovers Justin is struggling financially, Foster offers him a solution that benefits both of them. Soon it’s Foster who’s struggling with emotions he can’t understand: Justin is his student. And a man. One crazy night years earlier doesn’t mean anything. Foster is straight.

    After months of denying the growing attraction between them, an unexpected kiss changes everything. Justin and Foster are no longer only professor and student—they’ve become lovers, but the strain of hiding their relationship increases with each passing day. Words have the power not only to hurt but to heal the greatest pain. If Foster and Justin listen to what their hearts are saying, they might break through their silence and live their own love poems—together.

    Available in Kindle Unlimited


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    Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, Her characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.
    Felice has written over twenty books in the gay romance genre. Her books been translated into German, French and Italian. Her novel. One Call Away, part of her Soulmates series, was mentioned in Buzzfeed as one of the best “Out for You” gay romances of 2017.
    Felice lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. She recently retired from the practice law and now daydreams of a time when she can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there are bound to be a few bumps along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.

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  • Their Naught Student by Nicole Edwards

    The next steamy installment in Nicole Edwards’ Office Intrigue series…

    Release Date: May 28, 2019
    Cover Image Copyright © Wander Aguiar Photography
    Cover Model(s): Jacklyn S.


    Have you ever wondered who holds the ultimate control in a relationship? More specifically, who wields the power when it comes to Domination and submission? It’s a question I’m driven to answer. Not only because it’s the basis for my dissertation, but also because I’m curious.And who better to give me a lesson than Gregory Edge, the tall, dark, and stoic Master who manages the infamous fetish club known as Dichotomy.

    As a favor to my brother, Edge has agreed to give me a tour of the club. Only, we’re not on the same page as to what that entails. Luckily, Edge’s good friend Chris Cavanaugh makes an unexpected appearance, and the blond cowboy sex god has a way of turning the best laid plan on its ear.

    Lesson one: I may not be submissive, but I’m more than willing to explore the subject.

    ​Especially with these two hot Dominants as my teachers.


    EDGE Friday, October 19, 2018

    IF SOMEONE WOULD’VE TOLD ME I WOULD one day be willingly waiting for Zeke Lautner’s sister to meet me at a kink club, I would’ve told them to lay off the sauce.


    No one in their right mind would entertain the thought of engaging Jamie Lautner in any sort of kinky activity. Not if they wanted to live, anyway.

    Except, that was exactly what I was doing.

    Didn’t matter that I had an entire club to manage. I had somehow been roped into meeting sweet little Jamie so I could show her the ropes at Dichotomy. Not literally, of course. No way was I going to tie that girl up. I valued my balls far too much to allow that to happen. Zeke would castrate me in a New York minute if he found out.

    Yet I couldn’t deny some sense of anticipation.

    I had known Zeke for some time, and I’d had the privilege of meeting Jamie a time or two. More so in recent years when it seemed Zeke used her as his plus one whenever there was a function that wasn’t club related.

    I tried to picture her as my little sister, but I had a hard time. It would’ve made tonight a hell of a lot easier if I could. Only then it would be weird because I couldn’t fathom introducing my sister into this world. In fact, that would be rather creepy.

    Not helping, Edge.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. That inner voice was being a pain in the ass. Had been ever since Ransom Bishop came up with this absurd idea and Zeke had gone along with it. I had to believe Zeke was suffering some sort of mental breakdown. The man was so protective of his sister, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a long list of injuries sustained at that man’s hands. Any man who wanted to so much as take the girl for coffee probably had endured a broken finger or two.

    I shook out my hand. Like my balls, I’d grown quite attached to my fingers.

    For fuck’s sake, Edge. Grow a pair, would ya?

    “Master Edge?”

    I turned to see Angela Evans strolling my way. She was one of the submissives on duty here at Dichotomy, the red studded collar around her neck a sign that she was here in an official capacity.

    “Yes, Angela?”

    “There’s a guest waiting for you at the check-in point.”

    Fucking lovely.

    Part of me had been hoping Jamie would freak out at the last second and be a no-show. I couldn’t get that lucky.

    “Thanks.” I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. No way could I give Jamie the proper introduction if I was a freaked-out mess.

    You’re a Dom, for fuck’s sake. Act like one.

    I hated that damn voice, but it seemed to be there more and more these days. I wasn’t sure why it thought I needed a mental push, but there it was, always shoving me forward. It was almost as though I was stuck in a rut, and without it, I would likely find myself sitting at home, my hand down my pants as I ate pizza in front of the television.

    And what? Have a beer or two? Get fat and lazy? Come up with an excuse to be alone?

    As I was making my way to the front entrance, I passed Ransom and I couldn’t miss that wicked grin on his face.

    Yeah, buddy. We’re doing the death march. Are you happy?

    Ransom Bishop was an instigator. He enjoyed the hell out of setting things in motion. He was always inserting himself in various situations, motivating people to do things they likely wouldn’t do otherwise. All so he could sit back and laugh. Somehow, I’d fallen into his trap and I hoped for his sake I walked out the other side in one piece. Otherwise, I was going to beat him within an inch of his life.

    I approached the front entrance, fully expecting to see Jamie standing there. Probably decked out in jeans and a T-shirt, not understanding what fetish wear was or why it was standard protocol in a club of this nature. However, I didn’t see anyone out of place as I scanned the area.

    My eyes shifted to the bar. Two Doms were standing there chatting. No submissives. I peered into the Dom lounge, but I only noticed Mistress Jane speaking to Mistress X while four male submissives knelt on the floor at their feet.

    Maybe she bolted before you could get here.

    I turned, ready to head up to the front desk to see if she’d done exactly that when my gaze landed on a young woman standing to the left of the scanning room where everyone was patted down to ensure they didn’t have weapons or video equipment.

    Holy Mother of God.

    Yeah. I really needed that voice to shut the hell up. It was hard enough to breathe without his interference because … Holy Mother of God.

    There was six feet of lithe brunette watching me, her long limbs drawing my attention as I took her in from head to toe. Not an inch of denim was covering her. Then again, the brown and gold corset she wore didn’t cover much of her, either. It cinched in her trim waist and highlighted her breasts, cleavage cascading deliciously over the top edge, which hugged her breasts lovingly. The brown spandex boy shorts covered her private parts but did nothing to hide those long, long legs.

    For fuck’s sake. Say something, dumb ass.

    “Master Edge?”

    I forced a smile as I composed myself, allowing my Dom face to fall into place. Ogling this woman wasn’t an option and I needed to remember that.

    “Jamie, you look … lovely.”

    She smiled and her face was so radiant it damn near blinded me. On a normal day, I wasn’t one to wax poetic about a woman’s smile, but I couldn’t help it.

    “Thank you.” Her chest bloomed with color and the sweet rosy red inched upward until it highlighted her cheeks. It was in that moment that I noticed how fucking young she was. She was ten years younger than Zeke, which made her twenty-three or twenty-four.

    Twenty-fucking-anything was insane for me to consider. I was thirty-six, which made this girl twelve years younger than me at the very least.

    It’s not like you’re old enough to be her father.

    Well, technically, I probably was. Not that I’d been having sex at the age of thirteen, but it would’ve been shortly thereafter.

    “Thank you so much for allowing me to come here tonight,” she said sweetly.

    “It’s my pleasure to have you as my guest.”

    Her brown eyes darted around and the curiosity I saw there made my dick stir with anticipation. I fought it back, reminding myself she wasn’t just any submissive who was looking to explore this world for the first time.

    She was Zeke Lautner’s sister.

    She was an innocent.

    She was off-limits.

    ​How the hell had I allowed Zeke to talk me into this?

    ~ Copyright 2019, Nicole Edwards Limited.

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