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  • Found by Fate Series by Lynn Burke

    Found by Fate by Lynn Burke


    Friends Samantha, Jade and Tessa all work in a grocery store.  Each of them have a customer or two that strike their fancy.  Each book focuses on one of the ladies and how they “bag” their man/men.

    In book 1, Samantha finds her own version of the ugly duckling story.  Only the ugly duckling had left her remembering a kiss that was never replicated by anyone else.

    In book 2, Tessa meets kindred spirits that bring her salvation from a life she didn’t want or choose.

    In book 3, Jade finds the one man that can impact her life the way she has only dreamed of. 

    Each story is short, sweet, and steamy!

    Only thing I wish I would have read was how Samantha was finally able to get rid of Bob and got the job she wanted!

    Book 1 is currently Free on Amazon!!!

    Finding Forever (Found by Fate Book 1)Samantha likes to bang a guy’s headboard and take off long before he bangs up her heart. Temptation returns in the form of a Zeus-like, tattooed hunk, the man whose first kiss roused her teenage hormones. His arrival carries the promise for more, but Sam’s determination to enjoy a taste–or two–without risking her heart could cost her the chance at finding forever.

    Will two men be Tessa’s ticket to freedom – or her one way trip to eternal damnation?


    43490923. sy475 Tessa’s life beneath the strict rules of her parents’ cultish church leaves her longing for independence. Her boring, small-town checkout lane job barely covers the bills, let alone fulfill her wants and desires. 

    Until the weekly visits of god-like Trent and Brody have her dreaming of a Tessa sandwich with both sensual men as her bread.

    Fantasies may be a pastime of the wicked, but when Trent asks her on a date—with both him and Brody—Tessa decides to take a chance, knowing the purity of her soul is at stake. Will these two men be her ticket to freedom – or her one way trip to eternal damnation?


    43611643. sy475 Jade Matthews may be young, but she knows what she wants in a man–someone mature and kinky, a man who shares her deepest desires to have her pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen and submissively compliant in the bedroom.

    Archer Brennan aches to unleash his dark side on the too-young grocery bagger, with her pert pony tail and glossy lips that makes him yearn for a taste. With an ex-wife and a messy divorce threatening to destroy his pursuit of happiness, he binds himself to one rule — hands-off Jade’s tight body until his divorce settlement is final.

    A submissive must obey her Dom, but some rules were meant to be broken, and when one misstep threatens the dominant lawyer’s life, will Jade defy Archer’s hands-off decree or lose the only man capable of fulfilling all of her dreams?



  • Two For Tamara by Elle Boon


    They will Stop At Nothing, To Protect The Woman Destiny Created For Them.

    Tamara Mejia sees a vision of her own death, and decides she will not take living for granted, knowing it was going to be sooner rather than later. When two gorgeous men burst onto her own personal horizon, giving her all the more reason to grab onto every bit of joy and happiness they have to offer, she takes it.

    Rafe and Vin were created by Zeus, the God of War. They are elite soldiers called the Ravens of War and have been best friends for thousands of years. Now that their latest task is over, having found the lost Goddess, their own need to find their Fated becomes paramount. When they meet Tamara, all their protective instincts and deepest desires roar to life.

    When an old enemy kidnaps Tamara and whisks her off to Hell, it’s up to Vin and Rafe to find their Fated mate. But they soon realize that finding her isn’t going to be quite so easy, not when their enemy chooses to use her as a bargaining chip. Not when the game involves the Gods, and the stakes are raised. Will the power of the Ravens be enough to save the woman they love?

    Two worlds collide in this thrilling second installment of Elle Boon’s Ravens of War series…and these larger than life warriors are just getting started.


    Amazon – https://amzn.to/34K5nKj

    Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/2MbaEmQ

    Apple Books – https://apple.co/2IN6u2w

    Kobo – http://bit.ly/2MbwGpu


    Elle Boon is a USA Today Bestselling Author who lives in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband and Kally Kay her black lab and writing partner. She has two amazing kids Jazz  and Goob and is a MiMi to one adorable little nugget named Romy or RomyGirl who has totally won over everyone who sees hers. She’s known for saying “Bless Your Heart” and dropping lots of F-bombs, but she loves where this new journey has taken her and has no plans on stopping.

    She writes what she loves to read, and that’s romance, whether it’s about Navy SEALs, or paranormal beings, as long as there is a happily ever after. Her biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love with her characters as much as she did. She loves creating new worlds, and has more stories just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever afters, and can guarantee you will always get one with her stories.

  • Fighter by TM Smith

    Mannie…there are no words to say about how much he suffered in his life. He deserved this love story with Blair. This book is a perfect way to end the serial killer plot and finish up a few lose ends from the previous books.

    Is there more of this series?  Author has informed me this is the last of the series…makes me sad.

    Dedication and smarts have given Blair Cummings a leg up in the Bureau. His job is all-consuming but rewarding. It doesn’t leave much time for a love life though, not that Blair believes in love. At nearly thirty, he’s only ever been in one long-term relationship due to his inability to commit to anything other than his job and his family.
    Born into a family that is as successful as they are hateful, Howard Manning Tullor Junior ran so far away from his last name that he wound up in the arms of Satan himself. Freedom comes at a high price but it’s one Mannie is willing to pay, setting him on a path that leads him to a quiet, laid-back FBI agent.
    Their attraction is unexpected, and yet, welcomed. Blair seems to have finally found something worth fighting for, but Mannie, still haunted by ghosts of the past, wonders if he’ll ever be able to move on. The two are working toward their future, but can a budding romance survive when past and present collide?



    A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer.  A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.
    Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights.  Because, seriously people, Love is Love!
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  • Aiden by Leanne Asher

    Live Banner.jpg

    I enjoyed this book so much, that I had to re-read the others in the series and the other books Ms. Asher has written.  I don’t how else I can compliment this book.  But I will try!
    Couldn’t put this book down! Aiden is a huge biker with a heart of platinum. First he adopts an abandoned baby that isn’t even his. Then he seen this woman, recognizes her as his girlfriend from middle school and remembers everything about her! Also, he loves his mama. He just got sexier and sexier as the book went on.

    Grace went through h*ll and back at such a young age and then saved herself. A warrior at just 11. Thankfully, she had Sinners to have her back when she needed it the most. 


    From the day she came into my life, I knew I couldn’t walk away from this girl. She was beautiful, a light in this dark and messed up world, but I saw it in her eyes.

    I saw the pain she carried, and in that moment, I made a promise.

    Her demons would pay. All of them. They didn’t know what I was capable of or what my MC could do.

    As I now look down at yet another lifeless body, I smile. I always keep my promises.

    One more to go, and he’s the one I really want.

    And he knows I’m coming for him…

    One-Click Today!
    Amazon: https://amzn.to/31bOvto
    B&N: http://bit.ly/33d5VaL
    iBooks: https://apple.co/2OGTnFp
    Kobo: http://bit.ly/2KAgkVo

    Goodreads: http://bit.ly/AidenTBR

    Catch up on the GRIM SINNERS MC Series!
    #1 LANE: https://amzn.to/2UBKU4X
    #2 WILDER: https://amzn.to/2W1kidT
    #3 TRAVIS: https://amzn.to/2HPUhev

    LeAnn Ashers is a blogger-turned-author who spends her days reading and writing. She released her debut novel early 2016, and can’t wait to see where this adventure continues to take her. LeAnn enjoys writing about strong-minded females and swoon-worthy, protective alpha males who love their women unconditionally.

  • Just Breathe Again by C.A. Harms

    Breathe Again bannerA book of the worst loss a parent could go through, mourning, healing, and second chances.

    Aaron was so lost in his loss that he was barely existing. Luckily for him, Faith was there to find him and his soul.

    A very touching story.

    Just Breath Again Ebook.jpg

    I had it all. Truly, I had the perfect life. One filled with happiness and love where the bright smiles of my gorgeous wife and my beautiful daughter greeted me every day. I was a lucky man…

    Until I lost it all.

    Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can still see them. My two angels still shining with their never-ending beauty. But those visions always lead me to darkness…

    The moment when I find myself alone again. The pain is real and the emptiness inside me only grows with each passing day.

    Time will heal me, they say. But they’ve never lived through the loss I have. They’ve never felt the excruciating pain of what it means to have your heart shattered into a million pieces.

    They don’t know the guilt I carry.

    Sometimes I wonder why I even bother waking up every morning. But if I let go, I let go of them. And their memory is all I have left.

    I know I need to move on. I know it’s time to Just Breathe Again…

    The problem is I don’t know where to start.

    One-Click or read in Kindle Unlimited! https://amzn.to/2GVJf5c

    Add to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/JustBreatheAgainTBR








    C.A. Harms is an avid romance and mystery reader. She’s always had a love for books, getting lost in writing and storytelling even as a young girl. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories.

    She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She holds an addiction for Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha’s and KitKat when she should really be focusing on water and maybe a fruit or two to make herself feel less guilty, but that feeling quickly passes…thankfully.

    She is easy going, fun, and although she may seem like one of the quiet ones at first, you just wait until she gets to know you better…that quietness changes, fast.