Shadow Games by Kalista Kyle

Heath Mathis has always loved Ezra Ryder. Ezra is the beta second in charge of the West Wind Pack. Heath never thought he had a chance with the man who grew up as his big brother’s best friend. When a string of murders happen in West Wind, the evidence trail leads Heath to the tiny town of Silver Lake. Ezra refuses to let Heath go into danger alone. But Heath is afraid his feelings for Ezra will confuse him, and he will not be able to do his job. Ezra won’t take no for an answer. Can Heath find the serial killer or killers while keeping his heart intact?

Ahhhhh Heath!!!!! Finally Heath and his mate get together……what more can I want out of this book? Ok there is murder and they help to find who the killer is, but the best part is that Heath and Ezra finally get together!!!! I am sooo happy for them. I am dancing around!

There is also a contest too to win a very unique dog tag and chain

Go to website for contest details.

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