On the Third Day of Christmas…….

On the third day of Christmas my Kindle brought to me……
A Santini Christmas by Melissa Schroeder

A Santini Christmas is the fifth book in a Series about four brothers who believe in service before self, and the women who will bring them to their knees. Each story is a stand-alone novella featuring one brother and his love interest. They do not have to be read in order, but to fully enjoy the reader might prefer to read them in order. Each book features a different service and a location where Mel was stationed with her husband.

Book 1: Leonardo
Book 2: Marco
Book 3: Gianni
Book 4: Vicente
Book 5: A Santini Christmas

In this fifth book, we join the Santinis as they gather together not for the joy of the season, but in crisis. One major event throws everything they hold dear into jeopardy, causing Joey to travel back to the memories of when she and Papa first fell in love.

“Joey Antonio doesn’t have time for men. Her focus is on saving money for art school.  She definitely doesn’t need some jarhead Romeo bothering her.  True, every time they run into each other she finds herself more attracted to him—not to mention the kisses he steals are becoming addictive. Still, no matter how sexy the Marine is, she isn’t a woman who is willing to risk her heart.

Stewart Santini, known to everyone as Papa, is convinced Joey is the woman for him. Sexy, smart and tough—exactly how he likes his women. He finds himself falling even before he knows what hit him…but there is one problem: Joey is willing to share her bed, but not her life.

Papa  knows Joey is surprised when he agrees to a casual affair, but he has other plans to set him motion.  This is one Marine who will battle to win the most precious thing in the world to him: Joey Antonio’s heart.”

What a wonderful book to round out the series!  Sometimes when reading a series I do wonder about the parents and how they came about, what their story was and to actually find out in their own little Novella is a treasure.  Now I know the why Papa was so gun-ho about helping his sons find love like his own.  Le Sigh….




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