On the Second day of Christmas…..

On the Second Day of Christmas, My Kindle Brought to Me……..

A Little Christmas Romance by H.M. Ward
A Little Christmas Romance

“There’s no such thing as second chances, and Brooke would know. This Christmas will be spent alone and celebrated, same as the last. It doesn’t matter that she’s a disgruntled mall elf, standing next to a chimney-scented Santa with the most annoying co-worker ever. It doesn’t make Christmas more magical. It’s just another day to endure, and the holiday can’t pass fast enough. That is, until her old flame, Chris, spots her.

After taking a picture with Brooke in her elf costume, things take an unexpected turn. Maybe getting through the night won’t be so difficult after all.”

This short holiday novella, but it is classic in nature.  Being a Long Island girl, I smiled within two seconds of reading this novella for the simple fact that it takes place in a town I know quite well.  I have been to that particular mall more times than I can count! I could play that mental movie without effort.  I wonder if most readers enjoy reading books that take place somewhere they know?  

This book is a cute little story that reminds us all a few life lessons.  1.  Communication is key in any relationship.  2.  Don’t let fear run your life and 3.  Always give love a chance.  

I enjoyed this book.  Wish it would have been longer, but there is another Christmas book by Ms. Ward that I will be reading and including later on.  




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