On the First Day of Christmas……

During this time of year, I just feel like immersing myself into stories that involve the Holiday Season.  I don’t know, but for some reason, everything is more romantic to me during this time of year.

So without any further ado……On the First Day of Christmas my Kindle brought to me……..

The Who Needs Christmas? Series 
by Joyee Flynn!

Twelve elves decided to leave the North Pole for various reasons.  Oh and did I mention, each hate Christmas for that reason?  They find each other and decide to become brothers and live in Chicago.  They are together for many many years.  They become well known businessmen who also make a fortune as “Gamer Gods”.  One by one, Fate smiles upon each elf and they find their Mates.  The Mates then help their respective elf get over their gripe about Christmas.

I love this series.  It is a fantasy/paranormal m/m series.   Joyee Flynn always writes such wonderful romances that touches and entertains the reader.  She is by far one, in my opinion, one of the best writers in her genre.  The Who Needs Christmas? Series is an excellent example of Ms. Flynn’s creativity, imagination, and good humor.  

If you are looking for a fun Christmas read, I highly suggest this series.  I give the Who Needs Christmas? Series:

Here is the reading order of the Series:

Screw Santa
Hell’s Bells
Stupid Mistletoe
Holy Stockings
Down With The Tunes
Frosty Melt
Shove Your Tree
Stripe My Pole
Bite My Cookies
Flush The Twinkles
Hanging Antlers
Wrap It Up

Happy Holidays!  Ciao!



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