Melysious Intent by R.L. Rushing

On January 28, 2014, I posted a review of the first two books in the Cursed Existence Collection.  You can read those by clicking here.  On July 2, 2014, a third book in the collection was released. Melysious Intent.  Melysious Intent serves as the back story of Melysa Makenzie, a mind reader.   It takes place before she’s thrust into the hellhole which is Ledger Headquarters.

Recovering from physical scars that pale in comparison to the jagged emotional reminders left behind by her drug addicted boyfriend, Melysa Makenzie meets a breathtakingly handsome man named Gabriel Soileau who is intent on showing her a love she has never before known.   Due to a life altering encounter, ArtWorx, the advertising firm by which she is employed as a graphic designer, scores a once in a lifetime contract with Gabriel’s revolutionary new airline.  When Melysa, not only walks away with the grand prize, but also the clients heart and soul, her co-workers are none too happy.  As she works to expand the HydroAir brand, outside forces work to take her down.  Is her life at risk simply because of jilted ex co-workers, or is it because she is a telepath?

This book was a really good read.  As a stand alone I give it 4 Hearts.  That being said, I kept reading it with a heavy heart because I knew Lysa’s fate.  This is a Cinderella story worthy of being read. Gabriel is worthy as a prince charming.  Now I have to go back and read books 1 and 2!

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