Isabella’s Submission by Caitlyn O’Leary

A dedicated teacher of homeless children, Isabella Camarena’s life is interrupted by a midnight call threatening her students. Isabella speeds across state to save a family of kidnapped migrant farm workers, but is soon in over her head helping a family lost to the world of human trafficking.

During an undercover assignment at Isabella’s school, former Special Forces Army Rangers Leif Johansen and Caleb Samuels met Isabella. After the assignment ends, they continue volunteering there, to pursue a relationship with Isabella, only to discover she’s missing.

After a harrowing rescue, Leif and Caleb bring Isabella home with them to recuperate. She reluctantly agrees so that she can stay close to the rescued children. 

Amid the struggle to ensure the safety of the families, Leif and Caleb are determined to win Isabella’s heart. Despite her fierce independence, Isabella is naïve to the ways in which they want to love her. Can these former Rangers help Isabella embrace her submissive nature?

Isabella is the teacher we all wish our children would have. She is there for every child. When asked to help, she risks herself to do so. Leif and Caleb knew from the moment they saw her that Isabella will be theirs and their submissive. When she goes missing, they move heaven and earth to find her. Good thing they are former Special Forces Army Rangers and know what to do. Once they do find her, they refuse to ever let them go and claim her as theirs.

This is a really good story with a touching story. There are many different kinds of passion in this book. Passion for teaching, for justice and for love. 

I loved this book. I give it 4.5 Hearts!

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