Spotlight on Joyee Flynn

Joyee Flynn is one of my favorite authors.  In fact, I have read every book she has written to date.  

On my vacation last week, I read four of her books and each one was a joy to read.  I give them all ❤❤❤❤.  I would have given them all 5 hearts, but I want them longer !!!!!  heheheheh….  So here are the books I read:

Officer and a Gardener – Unmated at Midnight Series – Who would have thought a runaway brat, a destroyed garage, and a bad day would lead to meeting the man of your dreams?
Officer and a Gardener (MM)
Officer Kyle Moran has always been a protector and that’s all he has ever wanted to do. When he’s outed as a vampire while responding to an accident and things at work go to hell fast, he feels lost and debates moving. In steps fate.

Trevor has been trapped and abused most of his life… Currently it’s his boyfriend and monster offspring. So no matter how much he wants to escape his situation it’s understandable he’s hesitant trusting a stranger even if he’s a sexy man of the law.
After sharing a kiss that rock’s Trevor to his core, he’s willing to take the chance and even during all his chaos, Kyle knows he can help Trevor. The question is are what they want and what’s best for them the same thing?
Elan (MMM)Elan – Beyond the Marius Brothers Series – When the beauty Elan wants leaps into his arms, declaring they’re mates, he’s ready to thank fate and claim his gift… But nothing’s ever that easy, and soon Elan is ready for a well-deserved break down.
Kermy’s struck by how sexy, powerful, and wonderful his very old mate is. If he was anywhere in Elan’s league that would be great. A virgin who can’t seem to get out of the tailspin meeting his mate and issues popping up everywhere threw him into, he’s scared his mate will never love him.
If that wasn’t enough, Elan meets their mate Talcott… And almost kills him, which isn’t something one normally forgives. Then again, with the curse Talcott was born with he’s used to people’s volatile reactions to what he can do.
But when Talcott’s gift warns the fae of disaster, will that bring the three together as they try to change what is in the cards, or will it divide them permanently?
Clove Sutherland (MMM)Cove Sutherland – Beyond the Marius Brothers Series – It’s always important to Clove to support the people he cares about. So when his lover, Elan, asks for a favor, he agrees… Which leads to them backing up Caven on an interview.  waiting with the people closest to him for the Alpha his friend Mareo talked him into meeting, Kinkade Wolfram is floored when he smells his mate among them.
Jordy was trying to fit in with his new pack by working for Caven and ends up at Clove’s new house because of it. Unfortunately, Kinkade hates everything that is a Kappa, and refuses to acknowledge Jordy as his mate.
Torn between them, Clove has to figure out how to make his family whole before his heart is broken. Can Kinkade get over his issues with Kappas and see his past for what it really was? Or will three individuals fated to be mates with each other end up two separate couples under the same roof?
A Bevin Hero (MMM)A Bevin Hero – The O’Hagen Way Series – Bevin simply wanted a breather away from his new job. Instead he stumbled onto a plot, learning information that can turn the tide in the war against the demons… He just has to get it to King Rylan.  
Rian and Ronan are helping at the vineyard when they meet a kitty who turns out to be their mate. They’re shocked when they sense his fear and Bevin flees from them. Giving chase, they finally find him, naked, in the company of others.
Acting like scared, jealous idiots, the twins claim him in front of everyone… Only to have it go terribly wrong. Now all hell is breaking loose and lines are being drawn in the coven. Did they just blow the perfect alliance the three species had? And if that can be fixed how will they ever make up what they did to Bevin?
Did fate give Bevin two perfect mates, or two mates too many?
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Stephanie Georgekish
July 3, 2013 10:02 am

I also love Joyee Flynn and have pretty much all of her books too. However I haven’t read these four yet…now I’m going to have to and I can’t wait. I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation. Cheers