Vacation Reading List

Good Morning!  This past week I was on vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia!.  I did alot of reading.  I made sure I ordered enough books to last and boy did I.  Of those books, I have read:

  • Super Gay By: Vicktor Alexander
  • Elan (MMM) By: Joyee Flynn
  • Clove Sutherland (MMM) By: Joyee Flynn
  • Jordan’s Desires (MM) By: Lynn Hagen 
  • Valentino’s Cowboy (MM) By: Lynn Hagen
  • Officer and a Gardener (MM) By: Joyee Flynn
  • Forged in Steele (MM) By: Lynn Hagen
  • Cowboy Convenience (MMM) By: Stormy Glenn
  • Bray’s Bounty (MM) By: Stormy Glenn
  • Unyielding Surrender (MFM) By: Elle Saint James, Lara Santiago
  • In MIB Custody (MFM) By: Tonya Ramagos

There is only two that I bought at the same time, but did not get a chance to read.  Those were:

  • Dare to Submit (MFM) By: Peyton Elizabeth
  • Out of Smoke and Ashes (MFMM) By: Tymber Dalton

Tomorrow I will be putting one of my favorite authors in the spotlight…..Ms. Joyee Flynn!!  So please check out tomorrow’s post.



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