Elaine Radley

I just got back from my vacation to Springfield, Massachusetts.  Had a good time at Six Flags New England.  I also had a cute cabana boy at my disposal.

Anyway, yesterday I bought me a new toy….Galaxy Note 3 10.1 Tablet.     I am using it now to write this post.   Loving it!

Last week I received a request for a book review.  The book is Friendly Temptation by Elaine Radley.  

“Ever since Katherine Ainsley’s divorce, a hazy line has emerged in her relationship with best friend Dominic Corvalis—one teetering between companionship and lust. When he proposes a dare, she rises to the challenge, even after she finds herself in a place she’s never imagined. Besides, Dom is there to support and tease, and the sexual tension percolating beneath their naughty errand is simply too tempting to resist. Perhaps they are meant to be more than just friends. She’ll never know until she pushes him across that line…and into the bedroom.”

This is a novella.  Short but sweet.  I have to admit I had to look up what an ankh was.  I would have liked to know more about their relationship.  I have more questions than answers, but I did enjoy it.  I can give this book ♥♥♥.

Ciao  ~*Karen*~


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