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First, when I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Monday, I lost 2.6 pounds!  Woot Woot!!!  Total lost is 23 pounds.

Second, this week I read most of Kate Angell‘s bookshelf.  I read her series Richmond Rogues.  This series rotates through the starting line-up of the Richmond Rogues baseball team.  While each book concentrates on one main “Rogue”, Ms. Angell does begin to introduce the other players and their stories.  Often she goes back and forth from the main characters to their supporting ones.  I really didn’t mind this but some readers might not like the back and forth.  Reminds me of when I used to watch Days of Our Lives back in the day. Another thing I enjoyed is that you get his & hers point of view, often going back and forth.   

Starting lineup of the Richmond Rogues:

25 – Right Field – Cody “Psycho” McMillan
18 – Catcher – Chase “Chaser” Tallan
11 – Third Base – Jesse “Romeo” Bellisaro
21 – Center Field – Richard “Risk” Kinkaid
  7 – Short Stop – Zen Driscoll
15 – First Base – Rhaden Dunn
46 – Left Field – Kason Rhodes
  1 – Second Base – James Lawless
53 – Pitcher – Brek Stryker

Here is the reading order for the Richmond Rogues Series (The “main” characters of each book are in parentheses):

1     Squeeze Play (Risk Kincaid)
2     Curveball (Cody McMillan)
3     Strike Zone (Brek Stryker)
4     Sliding Home (Jesse Bellisaro):  
4.5  Ho, Humbug, Ho (Alex Boxer)
5     Sweet Spot (James Lawless)

All in all I liked this series.  I did get emotionally involved in each story and got to know all the characters really well.  My favorite character is definitely Psycho, what can I say I like bad boys.  These stories are on the more conservative side of what I usually read, but still have good sex scenes.

If you are on the beach and don’t know what to read and are afraid of little eyes reading from behind your beach chair, then The Richmond Rogue Series is for your.  I give this series ❤❤❤½.


I am currently reading the Love the CEO boxset that I purchased on Amazon for $.99.  I figured 5 books for less than a dollar is a good deal.  So far I am enjoying the books.  I am on the third of five.  After I read the Richmond Rogue Series I did also read Ms. Angell’s Barefoot Willima Series books.  So far there are only two and they are written in the same manner as the Richmond Rogues.

What is on my bookshelf waiting to be read?

The Christmas Cottage by Samantha Chase
Ever After by Samantha Chase
Gideon by Joyee Flynn
Well Rocked by Clara Bayard
One Night Stand by Clara Bayard
Three Wishes by G.A. Hauser
Powerful Awakening by Tonya Ramagos
The entire Service Club Series by Tonya Ramagos
The entire Heros of Silver Springs Series by Tonya Ramagos
A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Always Been You by Jess Buffett
In a Cowboy’s Bed by Cat Johnson, Vonna Harper & Lynn LaFleur

I do believe I have other books that were pre-ordered that will arrived on my Kindle on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  That should give me plenty to read until then.  However, if you are an author, or you represent an author, and wish me to review your book either ARC or current, please email me at SiKReviews@gmail.com.



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