Boystown Series by Jake Biondi

Jake emailed me this week and asked me if I would like to review his series, Boystown.  I look him up on his website and I decided to give him a chance.  I could go and copy the synopsis of both books and then just paste them here, but, click here and you can read that there.  

Upon starting to read the book, notice two things right from the get get go.  If you notice , each book is not Book One and Book Two, but rather Season One and Season Two.  There are no Chapters in these books but rather Episodes.  

As I read, I always have the television on and I know all the lingo they use.  So I decided, as I read this book, to see it as a soap opera.  So, as far as I am concerned I wasn’t reading books, but screenplays with direction written.  I have never read books in this style.  Usually books play in my head more like a movie.    Please note, although these books are majorly m/m, there are also m/f scenes also.  There is one m/f married couple and a complete Bitch who screws everyone.  And, there is rape contained in Season One. 

If you watch soap operas, then these books are definitely something you should read.  There is revenge, adultery, action, hospital scenes, tragedy, and of course hot passion.   If you have watched soaps (mine were Ryan’s Hope, Days of Our Lives, Another World and Santa Barbara), then I know you will like these books.  In fact, in my own opinion, these books should be made into the soap opera I imagine it to be.  I know I would watch it.  (Any producers out there??)

I give this series 4.5 Stars!

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