Kiss Me Series by Michele Zurlo

These stories are written in narrative format.  It took me a while to get into it. Think the way the narrator from Stand by Me tells the story and interjects at times.  Or even how Carrie Bradshaw narrates through an episode of Sex in the City.  Once I did get used to this type of writing, I couldn’t stop reading these books.  

This is the love story of Lacey and Dylan.  Lacey has severe OCD and PTSD from a hell of childhood.  Dylan, who suffers from a few issues himself, falls head over heels with Lacey from the moment his lap was covered in Latte.  

I could relate to Lacey.  I really got her and her tendencies.  I check the stove many times.  I even make sure I really locked my doors.  So yeah I get her.  She was highly flawed and she owned it.   Dylan sees her, understands her, and helps her.  Along the way, some of Lacey’s flaws are an asset to her and to Dylan.  She helps Dylan with his band, Kiss me Goodbye, and gets them seen.

Lacey tries to push everyone away as a defense.  When she meets Thomas, she tries to push Dylan away.  Good thing Dylan won’t let her.  He waits and when he sees the opening he needs he goes for it.

In the second book, we see that one little lie can affect those you love the most.  Be careful what you wish for, you will get it.    Just when Lacey decides to end her suffering fate steps in.  

I could tell from the beginning, that although the journey to their happily ever after would be hard filled with heartache, they would ultimately achieve it.  You laugh, you cry, and you fall in love right along with Lacey and Dylan.  

The Kiss Me Series by Michele Zurlo is a 5 Heart Read


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