Revealed by Caitlyn O’Leary

Tortured Beyond Endurance

Kelly Wachowski is kidnapped because she was found, like others across the world, on a day twenty years ago, all of them with no memory of their past, or how they got there.  Her adoptive parents raised her, and she has some special abilities, but still managed to live a normal life until it was all ripped away. Now she prays for death instead of enduring one more day at the hands of her tormenters.  The only thing that she can cling to is dreams of a long ago time with her childhood friend Noah.

A Hero with a Secret

Samson Noah Kailailmoku grew up on Kauai and is now a highly decorated officer and part of an elite Navy unit that is tasked to rescue Kelly.  He too was found twenty years ago, but his past was not publicized.  The closer he gets to Kelly, the more he can feel the pain of her torture, the more he dreams of their shared past.

A Love That Was More than a Dream

Even after being rescued, Kelly can’t escape her hell.  Something has changed.  She’s changed, and people are still after her.  When Noah realizes that Kelly is still in danger, he will move heaven and earth to ensure her safety.  The more time they spend together they realize that they have a shared past that is more than a dream.  But before they can have the shared future that they both want, they must first find and stop those that want them dead.

Twenty years ago, children just appeared out of no where.  No matter where these children went, they could speak the language there and a few more, without so much as cracking open a book.

Kelly (Kali) is kidnapped and is questioned and torture over and over.  All they want to  know?  Where did they come from?    I don’t know about you, but Kelly must be really strong.  There is no way I could have sustained the crap she was put through.  Thank God she is one of the Found.  

Sam (Noah) has been feeling her pain.  His gift is to find things and people.  And by God he will find Kelly.

This is not just your ordinary love story.  Although it seems their love was preordained, they were split apart, but once they are reunited, nothing will tear them apart. 

This book is full of action, passion and just really cool characters.  The world Caitlyn O’Leary creates is a wonder.  I can’t wait until everything is all uncovered.  But for now, for their protection, the Found come together one by one to protect themselves.  They become Revealed.

5 Hearts!

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Bonus Scene, at the very end of Revealed:

Noah held Kali in his lap as the sun began to set over the Pacific ocean.  As it began to chill, she burrowed closer, and he remembered her doing the same thing as a child.  He remembered the meadow long ago when she had demanded to leave with him, she had been his best friend.  She was his life, and now she was giving him the world. 
You’re wrong Noah.  You’re my life.  You mean everything to me. You’re my rock.
If I’m the rock, then you’re the sun that I revolve around.
Deleted Scene:

It was all more than she could handle.  She had tried so hard to be brave in front of her parents, not wanting to worry them anymore than she had. 
“Just let it out Kali.”
“I’m fine.”
“I know you are.  But Alfred’s death, it’s too much for me.  I can’t imagine how you feel since you actually met him.”  Noah gently cupped the back of her head, and brought her into the warmth of his chest.  She took in a deep breath, taking comfort and then let it out on a sob.
“Yes baby, I have you.”  She clutched his shirt.
“I don’t understand this, not any of it.  How could anyone want to hurt Alfred?”  His big warm hands stroked her from the crown of her head to her tailbone.  Again and again, he brushed against her, murmuring reassurances, nonsense. 
“Noah, it hurts so much.”
“And then they’ve hurt you so much.”
“That doesn’t matter,” Kali said wiping her eyes.
“It matters.  It matters to me.”  He brushed back the damp hair from her forehead and tilted up her chin.  “You matter to me.”

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