On the Twelfth Day of Chirstmas…..

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my Kindle brought to me…..

Holiday Games by Jaci Burton!
Holiday Games
“A Riley wedding is in the works, a Riley Christmas means a house full of family, and baby making is on Liz Riley’s mind. Chasing Gavin around and meeting in dark closets can be fun, but Liz is more than a little determined. Even with family in every corner of the house, Gavin is more than ready to do whatever Liz wants—especially when sex is involved. It’s a Riley family Christmas.”

Holiday Games is a Holiday Novella in the Play-by-Play Series by Jaci Burton.  We followed Liz and Gavin’s romance in Changing the Game, the second book in the Play-by-Play Series.  Liz doesn’t say “can’t”, she is a determined professional sports agent used to getting what she wants.  And in the book, with all of her friends and family getting married and having babies she wants a baby of her own, and she will have one even if she has to tie Gavin down to do it!  There is always something about a strong woman that works in a man’s world who lets her womanhood out once in a while that touches my heart.  Gavin has snark, but a heart of gold. Got to love that in a man!

I highly recommend this series in general.  I can’t get enough!

The Play by Play Series in chronological order:
Book 1: The Perfect Play
Book 2: Changing the Game
Book 3: Taking A Shot
Book 4: Playing to Win
Book 5: Thrown By A Curve
Book 6: One Sweet Ride
Book 6.5: Holiday Games
Book 7: Melting the Ice (Coming on February 4, 2014!)
Book 8: Straddling the Line (Coming on July 1, 2014!)




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Rana Adams
December 12, 2013 2:08 pm

I love this series!!