Honor James/April Zyon & Grace Ryles

There are two authors that I have come to love to read.  One such author is:

Honor James /April Zyon

Born in the mid-seventies, this thirty-something woman has only been writing for the last six years of her life, faithfully that is. Honor has always been scribbling a phrase, a curious word or the oddest of thoughts down on anything she could find laying about. Now she piles them up before her and, if one catches her fancy, she further explores it to whatever its end might be.

A lover of books, her reading material spans from Shakespeare to mysteries and all the way to the erotic. Anything and everything she can lay her hands on she’ll read. Though, these days, she leans more toward the paranormal than anything else.

Poetry was her first love lasting about three solid years, don’t ask, she won’t show many of them to anyone. Then short stories became the focus and finally she began to write for more than just writing what came to mind, she started to write for pleasure and to tell the story that begged to be told.

Life and family came next, working full time as a Customer Service Representative and raising two children got in the way and the writing that she so loved as a teenager seemed to be pushed off to the back burner of everything.

So several years past and her children turned into more than the babies that demanded her attention and into young children and then teenagers with different demands, ones that allowed her to once more spread her imagination to the wind and ask for more, want more.

As with all great things the door to her notebook written word might have been closed and placed on hold, but where a door closes another one opens and in this case it was with the advent of buying a computer.

Honor spends many a sleepless nights pounding at the keyboards. She is a consummate professional in her daytime career however at night her visions swing to the fantastical and in those long hours after the children and husband are in bed, she weaves together words and blends up stories that not only bring a whole new meaning to romance, but sizzle the pages with a heat that will have the readers begging for more.  

Honor James writes for Siren Publishing exclusively.  Her alter-ego April Zyon writes for Evernight Publishing, and coming soon, Loose Id.

Current Releases for Honor James


ec-hj-hmiaoou-deadlineonlove3150316_0401Assignment: Deadline on Love Hawt Men (In and Out of Uniform 3) – Her life is being turned upside down by a stalker. But Piper Davis isn’t the sort to sit around feeling sorry for herself. While the police don’t seem able to do anything, or perhaps they are unwilling, she knows that she can’t ignore what’s going on. Which is where a supremely sexy former service man comes into the picture.Aeron Cutter is used to thinking by the seat of his pants. Piper Davis definitely threw him for a loop, though. Gorgeous, smart, and quick on her feet, he knows he’ll have his hands full with her. But when he realizes she’s what he’s been missing in his life since coming home, he’ll do anything and everything necessary to keep her safe.

Knowing she can rely on Aeron to keep her safe helps put Piper’s mind at ease. The realization of who’s behind the attacks on Piper will test them both, putting a deadline on their love.

me-hj-hmiaoou-discoveringdestiny3150413_0350Assignment:  Discovering Destiny (In and Out of Uniform 4) – From the moment she spotted the two men, Patricia Bates knew they were going to cause waves in her life. But who could blame a girl for wanting such fine specimens of male physique? Unfortunately her life begins to take a turn for the worse, in the form of a creepy secret admirer who doesn’t like the fact she’s ignoring him.Slater Markham and Holden Connor have been through hell and back together. Not only are they the best of friends, but they also don’t mind sharing when it comes to the ladies. Patty Bates might put a test on their friendship, unless she comes clean in the most sensual of ways to them both.Kidnapped and held against her will by a man licenced with the safety of the general public, Patty understands her chances of getting away unscathed drop by the second. Slater and Holden aren’t giving up, though, not when they have a chance at discovering destiny.

Current Releases from April Zyon

the_argonauts_fate_cover_bookstrand150201_0555The Argonauts Fate (Guardians of the Light 3) – For the first time in her life Vivian Duffy is pushing herself to the limits of her abilities. With people dying in her city she seems to be the only one willing to dig for the answers when the evidence isn’t making any sense. But when her sister fits the profile of the killer Viv knows she may need to make some hard choices.

Jason has walked the Earth for more years than he cares to remember. Always with the singular goal of ensuring the safety of all the humans around him. Meeting the woman who was meant to be his was never even a consideration for him, not until Vivian crosses paths with him at the scene of a murder.

The Darkness is growing, spreading, and infecting the world. With the fate of his Vestal Virgin on the line, an Argonaut will do whatever’s needed to keep her safe.

the_gunslingers_gift_cover_bookstrand150301_0121 The Gunslinger’s Gift (Guardians of the Light 4) – The moment Sophia Duffy met him she knew he was the one for her. She’s seen him in her dreams for years, knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were fated for one another. So when he shuns her Sophia doesn’t know what to do, expect to leave.As a gunslinger James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok has always lived by how fast he can draw his weapon. Statistics, odds, and where the sun sits in the sky he understands. But the pull of one woman on his heart, and soul he fears more than any bullet flying his way.They only have one shot at forever. The Darkness is encroaching, pushing at them all to make the wrong choice. James is running out of time to make the right call when it comes to Sophia, or risk losing her forever and missing out on the perfect love.



adirasmate1m150409_0811Adira’s Mate (Space Wars 1) – If you had one shot at a love beyond anything you’ve ever known, would you take it? What if it meant leaving behind everything you’ve ever known?Adira Lora never thought the love of her life would be a prisoner of war who kidnaps her at gunpoint. When Craegin General Fintan Daykin forces her to help him escape from an Imarian prison, Adira finds herself ripped away from the only home she’s ever known. All of a sudden she is the captive, bound for a world where the men were born to rule…and dominance is a way of life. She never expects to realize the Craegins are not the barbarians her people have made them out to be, and soon finds herself falling for the large, strong warrior.


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Honor James Website: http://honorjames.com/
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Sweet Cravings Author Page: http://goo.gl/smlbIq 
Barnes and Noble Author Page: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/april-zyon

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 The other awsome author I have come to love is the lovely:

Grace Ryles

Grace Ryles currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her beloved husband. Originally from New York, Grace grew up fast and learned a lot of truths at a young age. Early on, she realized the escape that books could give her from a world that was less than understanding. As a teenager, Grace began writing stories inspired by her environment and her favorite authors. Though she never attempted to publish them, writing became a new escape, one where she could create the perfect ending for the underdog. Grace’s stories always had a common factor. The end result was always an HEA. Writing took a back burner as life intruded but reading always remained as a deep passion. It wasn’t until reading her first ménage, Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, that she discovered the love of polyamorous relationships. Her writing sprang back to life and that’s when Second Chance at Love was created, displaying her love for the polyamory lifestyle.

Current Releases of Grace Ryles


Finding Holland – Amidst a harrowing past can one woman find the strength to start again with not one but two men? For the first time in six years Kylie Jansen is free. For six years she lived in abject fear of a man who was supposed to love her. Finally able to breathe again Kylie finds herself at a crossroads.

Should she swear off men for good or should she give the two brothers who make her feel more than she has ever felt before a chance?

Trent and Jaxson Andrews are tired of living the bachelor’s life. One look from the entrance of a crowded diner, and Trent and Jaxson are hooked. Now the real test starts. Having found their woman, they have to come together to make her realize that trusting not one but both of them and taking second chance at love is what she needs to heal her heart.

Claiming Her Temporary Men – It started with an arrangement, temporary, no-strings-attached sex. On a journey to find herself, Emma Daniels never expected to fall into bed with two broody men for a little dominance play. Giving up her dreams of finding the one thing she has always wanted…a family, Emma decides to embark on a month long NSA sex with brothers Ryder and Chase. Emma finds herself falling for the hotties and wanting more, but their scarred past hinders them from giving her what she wants. Chase and Ryder Freeman have sworn off women, apart from one singular exception, sex. Meeting Emma, they never expected for her to stir those old emotions, the ones they kept buried deep inside. Determined not to give into those old feelings, they propose a compromise, one month, no strings attached. Can these three finally overcome the hurt of their past or will they succumb to it? Will Emma finally get what she always wanted by claiming her temporary men?


Finding Holland – A betrayal six years ago sent Holland Mathers’s world spinning. Forcing her to flee the only place she’d ever known and the only men she’d ever loved. Vowing to move on from the past lands her in a local dungeon being manhandled by her date, Mitchel. The men who come to her rescue are none other than the objects of her desire, the men she thought she’d lost forever.

Adrian Reyes and Oliver Edwards have loved Holland ever since the day they found her on the side of the road. Their relationship lasted only six months, but that was enough for them to spend all of their time searching for her when she fled their small town, without an explanation. Knowing that without her they will never be complete, they are determined to show her that their love can overcome whatever she is hiding from them.

A chance encounter leads them to reuniting again, but things aren’t that simple. Can they find a way back into her heart and bed or will they lose her forever?

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Honor James

Thank you for having me! I adore Grace as well. Have all of her books so to be featured with her is super exciting! <3