On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…..

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my Kindle brought to me…..

A Club Esoteria Christmas by Cooper McKenzie!
“You are invited to Club Esoteria’s Christmas Party 
Friday, December 23, 2011, 8 p.m. until ?
Entertainment: A Sub’s Talent Show
RSVP required; floggings will be administered to those who do not

Antony returns from an eight-month deployment and wonders if Jenna will let him return for good. Gentry worries that he will be kicked out now that Antony is home. Whitney gets new toys for Christmas as Taurus pushes her boundaries. Sloan, Dane, and Merlin make their appearance though Sloan is seven and a half months pregnant. They leave early when Sloan goes into labor after she and Merlin dance for the talent show. Jackson is juggling bartending and keeping his lovely submissive satisfied. He grows more nervous about proposing but he is determined that she will marry him.

Will Jenna let Antony back into her household? Will Sinclair agree to Jackson’s proposal? Will everyone have a spanking good Christmas party?”

This is the Seventh Book in the Club Esoteria Series by Cooper McKenzie.  In this book we party BDSM style, as we catch up with those couples we were introduced to in the six prior books.  I have to admit I love Antony and Gentry. They are so caring and loving.  They tug on my heart strings.

Not everyone enjoys stories about BDSM but my taste in books can go from Christian Romance to hard core BDSM Romances.  Remeber, here Love is Love.  As long as it is Safe, Sane and Consensual, then it is all romance to me.  Looking forward to the next book in this Series The Domme Who Wasn’t due out January 9, 2014.  This will be book 14 in the series.  


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