New Look

Hi all!  Just wanted to check in.  I am still reading the Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters.  This new book is getting really good.  I am so happy we get more of Marc and Angel.

If you didn’t notice, I have been doing some redecorating here on the Blog.  I have a new banner and the background is now basic black.  To the left, you will see that I have added nifty (yes people do still use that word) social media icons.  I just started Pinterest, so please bear with me on that.  Still trying to figure it all out.  I hope it looks good to you, because I like it alot!

I have updated my to-be-read list on Goodreads, which you can connect to by clicking the Goodreads widget on the right.  I have many books on it.  The next two books I will be reading is Opposites and The Library by T.M. Smith.  I am hoping to have a Spotlight with her soon. 

If you would like for me to review a book, please contact me by email (click the envelope) or any of the listed social media.  I am very open and will take your request into consideration.

I hope to talk to you all again soon.




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