Switching Teams (Hounds of Hell Book 2) by Flynn Eire

I know I have been waiting a long time for this particular book to be written.  I enjoyed the the first book in this series, Avoiding Hell’s Gate a lot.  I know many of Flynn Eire’s readers begged her for more of these Hounds of Hell.  Now, without further ado, I give you Switching Teams, Book 2 of the Hounds of Hell Series by Flynn Eire!

Promoted from keeping an eye on the planet to saving souls, Castillo has to uphold the agreement between Heaven and Hell, protecting the balance between good and evil. Tasked by Gabriel, he must now track down the demon that used a loophole to steal innocent souls. There is one big wrench in the plan, well three. Castillo’s two Hellhound mates and one big dose of humanity. And as the first angel to ever mate, he’s on his own.

Hellhounds Jared Magnus and Rhyce Sethos aren’t sure how to handle their thousands of years’ old virgin angel mate, let alone track a demon and save the world. 

Misconceptions and hurt feelings early on in their relationship keep the three mates from connecting. All that aside, the three must work together to find a way to help the innocents in danger of ending up in Hell and starting a catastrophic chain reaction. Will they survive the obstacles in their way, still be able to handle a new job, and adjust to switching teams?

Like I said earlier, I have been hoping and praying that Flynn would continue the Hounds of Hell series.   And, I am so happy she did.  This book continues where book 1 ended.  Being promoted to Archangel to help fight to protect innocent souls, Castillo was gifted with not only his mates, but humanity.  A lot is thrown at him at once. Castillo finally acknowledges his mates and they go through poor communications and hurt feeling before they find their way together.  

Flynn marries theology and creative license to truly make a story worthy of a Series.  Having Hellhounds switching sides is beyond brilliant!  They will help fight to keep the balance of good and evil.  But, what I really would like to know is:  Who will find their mate next?  How will their mating help the cause?  Will Ariel and the other Archangels find mates too?

Any book that has me begging for more is definitely something you need to read.  Switching Teams, is witty and intriguing that earns a definite 4 Hearts!


Switching Teams
Chapter 1

I tracked down my mates to Jared’s suite—which Tristan pointed me to—hissing at each other from in the room. I knocked and walked in, not waiting to see if they would want me to enter anyway. They glanced at each other and then at me quickly before deciding the floor was the best place to keep their gaze. So that left me taking the lead on the situation. 

Yes, absolutely. Have the socially awkward angel who has no basic people skills handle the most complicated and fucked up situation ever recorded in history.

“Have you ever heard of an angel mating before, Castillo?” Jared mumbled when I simply stared at them, not sure what to do with them.

“No, but I’m sure it happens occasionally. We are not exactly all about sharing our personal lives.” I glanced around and realized we could still be overheard with the way hound’s ears picked up everything. “Let us move into your bedroom so that I can shield the room and our discussion stay private.” 

They nodded and shuffled along as if I were about to flog them. At least they both seemed to comprehend that it was important not to blab what I was going to tell them.  I thought it was at least?

“So whatever Gabriel was talking about—you knowing why we were matched up—we can’t tell anyone?” Rhyce checked as he and Jared sat down, about as far as two people could and still sit on the same bed. It did not support forcing them to be close either, given it was a large bed. I did notice it was a very nice bed, plush black comforter that was quite inviting.

But worried me for other reasons. Oh, say, my mate could have a dark disposition? Was that not how decorating normally worked? The color palette was a reflection of the person themselves. Yes, I was sure I had heard that somewhere.

And apparently I did not want to answer his question because my thoughts kept racing.

“Yes, for now heaven would like to keep this private. Meaning, they do not like to have anything announced for the world until it is declared a success.” I had tried to say that without any sarcasm or annoyance, but it just hadn’t worked. 


I’ve been promoted,” I tried to explain when the silence became awkward. “And you two are my reward. Signing bonus if you will.”

“What?” Jared snarled as he got to his feet, Rhyce following suit. I would never admit to anyone, ever, but it was hot, and I lost focus of the discussion for a moment. “Being mated is sacred. It’s not a prize.”

I tilted my head and studied him. “Have you not all agreed that Rafe is a gift and Stryker is blessed to have found him?”

“Yes, of course, but that’s not—” Rhyce started but I waved him quiet.

“It is the same, and I apologize if I misspoke and demeaned you. I do not have much or really any interpersonal preparation for this. I was a guardian of the planet, not an angel who interacts with humans or other angels except to receive orders. So please understand that I will do my best but that I do not mean offense or to be rude.” I rubbed my forehead and sighed. “Unless I’m angry for some reason. Then I might mean offense, of course.”

Jared took a couple of deep breaths and let them out slowly. “Okay, well, we’ll just have to give each other the benefit of the doubt for a while and take things slow.” He moved closer to Rhyce, and I felt a chasm growing between us right from the start.

I sucked up all my bravado, putting my typical game face on, and took a shot at building a bridge. “There is another way to look at this, of course. If I was given you both as my reward, then I was your reward as well. I mean, there are a vast amount of perks being mated to an angel. But I do so want to see my signing bonus. It’s not like I wanted the job or have a choice so hopefully I will get some great perks too.”

“What do you—” I cut Rhyce off by waving away their clothes. “Oh, see us. Right. Kinda feel like I’m the bull at a cattle auction.”

I studied him closely and shook my head. “No, you are way better hung than any bull. And you’re stunning to be honest.” I raked my gaze along his flesh, starting from his feet, up his toned, muscular legs, past the cock that was so big it slightly scared me, along his narrow hips for someone so tall and broad-shouldered. He had the flattest, most defined abs ever, muscular pecs with tiny, mouthwatering nipples. And huge guns. What did he do to get all that toned muscle? 

I was glad he didn’t have one of those steroid necks that creeped me out, and showing this was his real constitution, not some over-crazed extreme bodybuilding. His bright green eyes stared at me as if waiting to see what I’d do next. I took in his shaggy dark blond hair and wondered if I liked it before deciding I did and moving on to Jared.

“I have never felt short before,” I grumbled as I studied my other mate. Rhyce had to be six-seven and Jared six-eight or nine. At my six-two, I was practically a shrimp. “Then again, I was made at a time when I would have been the tallest in the room by a lot.”

“Made? Not conceived?” Jared tried to keep his expression blank, but I saw the idea disgusted him.

“No, I am not human, hound,” I snapped, taking a step away from him. “I was not born. I was made by God thousands of years ago to protect the planet his children inhabited. I have no mother only the Father.”

“How sad for you,” Rhyce whispered and then closed his mouth so fast I hoped he bit his tongue.

“Yes, I cry over that fact every day,” I drawled, trying to brush off the comment but feeling a pain in my chest. “So this is having humanity.”

“What?” Jared gaped at me, of course wanting to know what I meant, but I shook my head. I wasn’t getting into that tonight when they were already disgusted with me.

“No, I’m not adding fuel to your fire of why I’m so different. It’s not like either of you are normal either.” 

“Castillo, I’m sorry,” Rhyce breathed, rubbing his arms and ducking his head. 

“It’s fine,” I lied, focusing back on Jared’s perfect physique. 

“So if we’re your prize and you’re ours, why are you only inspecting us?” Jared ground out as my gaze moved up his thighs. He was leaner but just as built, maybe not as obvious as Rhyce.

Certainly as well-hung. Longer even. Dear god, I was never going to keep them both satisfied.

“Oh, of course,” I agreed, waving away my own clothes, feeling scrawny compared to them. “I can adjust my body in any way to your liking so it’s not a hindrance to our copulating.”

“What do you mean?” Rhyce asked gently, holding up a hand when Jared opened his mouth.

“Yes, great, I would love to spell that out,” I muttered under my breath, wanting to melt into the carpet when I realized they’d heard me. The matching raised eyebrows said it all. I used my powers to make myself as tall and built as they were. “Does this please you?”

“The way you were was better,” Jared hedged, glancing at Rhyce. What was I doing wrong now? I nodded and returned to my normal stature and size. 

“While I will defer to your experience there are a few things you both need to understand about mating an angel. Once we copulate, you could never intimately touch another.”

“We’re not cheats.” I could hear the hurt in Rhyce’s tone and realized if I didn’t get us to the sex part soon, we might not ever achieve it.

“Of course not,” I blurted as I bobbed my head like a twit. “I am simply being honest about the situation and repercussion. It’s only fair to warn you so that you are careful, since it would mean your death.”

“Back up and say that again,” Jared whispered as he leaned over and placed his hand on the footboard of the bed as if he might collapse.

“It’s a death sentence to betray an angel mate by intimately touching another,” I explained calmly, wondering if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and they raced from the room. “You would each have to fornicate with me separately before we could all be intimate together.”

“Define intimately,” Rhyce pushed, glancing at Jared. I slowly sat on the bed, my chest aching as my heart raced. They were rejecting me. “I guess what I am saying is how far does that definition go?”

I glanced out the window and let my hair hide me from them. “Does that matter?”

“Of course it does!” Jared growled as he slammed his fist on the oak. “What if Rafe got excited and, goofing around, gave me a kiss? Do I drop dead afterwards?”

“Oh, no, that is not incorporated in the principle!” I gasped as I jumped to my feet and faced them. “It’s intent. If you kissed, say Colton, because you were lustfully driven to do so, that I think we would all consider a betrayal, but not even that would count. It’s the intent of fornication with another and any act of sex itself.”

“Then there’s no problem,” Rhyce quickly said before Jared could speak. “But we can’t touch each other until we’ve fucked you? I’m not sure that sounds right either.”

“No, of course you wouldn’t,” I murmured as I sat back down and crossed my legs as if once again they hadn’t hurt me. “You may touch and be as intimate with each other as you want. Until one of you is intimate with me. Then both of you would have to be with me separately before you could again or all of us.” They were staring at each other, leaving me at a loss and suddenly not wanting to be naked in front of them. 

But I could not give up yet.

“Life is a balance, and as such, there are perks for the extra rules imposed on all of us,” I reminded them. It wasn’t like I’d set this in motion. 

“Like?” Jared sighed, leaning over the footboard and clearing his throat until I looked at him. “Tell us the rest, Castillo.”

“I am not sure what the rest is,” I admitted, shaking my head. “You will become stronger, faster, and much more powerful as my mate.”

“That’s great and all, but I think Jared’s asking what Gabriel told you that you haven’t shared with us yet,” Rhyce tried, getting their point across to me finally.

“Oh, of course. The higher-ups want hounds of Heaven. It has been a plan in the works for a while apparently, already having mated me to you both, unbeknownst to all of us. But now with this rogue demon on the loose, it is more imperative than ever, and I was informed this is my new role in Heaven’s hierarchy. I would now become your Dante and you would report to Heaven, keeping souls safe from Hell’s influence. We’ve had a hands-off approach for too long with humans, and we are losing the war for humanity.

“If we had hounds of our own, we could fight the demons more effectively. While angels are created by God, some demons were once angels, but others are blackened souls that choose to serve Hell. We have no such agents. You would become those agents, and I’m suddenly in charge of all of this, warned not to fail. I suppose I was given a mate from each of the most respected hound families as a way to bring your families on our side.”

“So it’s all a trick? Why would you—”

I threw back my head and let out an echoing laughter, interrupting Jared. It took me several moments to calm down as they both stared at me incredulously. I was not in a rush either. Let them stew in the stupidity of the accusation he was going to make. 

“This was not of my design. I was quite happy in my role protecting the earth. I did not ask to be mated to two hounds, given a promotion, and the fate of the war for souls dropped in my lap. I am the least suited for this task, but God, in his infinite wisdom, loves to challenge us.”

“Do we need to decide right now?” Rhyce asked as he sat next to me. “This is something I’d like to discuss with my family before I make a decision for all of us.”

“They have their own free will to choose themselves,” I assured him, staring at where our thighs touched. “It is not a decision you have to make tonight, but before you claim me.” I raised my head and met his eyes. “I know I am not explaining this well, but I am flooded with hormones and lust. Thousands of years of sexual need has suddenly been released and the desire to please you both is overwhelming me.”

“Because you were granted humanity?” I nodded and looked away, Rhyce’s piercing eyes seeing more than I would have liked. “Would you prefer to discuss that after we all get to know each other better?”

“Yes, I would very much appreciate that,” I sighed, seeing he was definitely the more understanding of the two. 

“So you want to skip the rest of the explanation and have us fuck you?” Jared asked, his tone deep, and I wasn’t sure that was from lust.

“If it would please you both.” I glanced at his eyes and saw the idea of it was intriguing. I took another chance and crawled onto the middle of the bed. “I can prepare myself for you so the normal niceties of foreplay can be skipped.” I did just that and gasped, sensations like I’d never dreamed over overwhelming my body. “Heavens above. I had no idea that’s what it felt like!”

“What did you do?” Rhyce asked as he moved on the bed closer to me.

“I facilitated our copulation by stretching my passage for you and applying a lubrication,” I panted as my balls tingled and my cock leaked. I saw Rhyce staring at my body as his own dick went rock hard. Unsure of what else to do, I tried to make the offer more presentable by lowering my shoulders down and pushing my ass in the air. “You can, of course, check for yourself.”

“Are you asking me to finger you?” Rhyce glanced at Jared and I followed his gaze. The hound standing in front of me at the foot of the bed simply shrugged.

“I ask for nothing, simply offering my body for your pleasure in any way you would prefer me.”

“And if I said I wanted to fuck you, what does that mean? Are we mated?”

“I’d say, yes please, and no, not mated. Simply pledging you would not touch another. I would be the one you turn to for any matters of lust,” I hedged, glancing between them. “And Jared as well. He would need to please himself with my body before we could all be as one. Mating wouldn’t come for a while since there is a different procedure given there are three of us and one is an angel.”

“What would change?” Jared murmured. I focused on him now, seeing something stir in his gaze as he licked his lips. 

“How would we claim you?”

“You would both penetrate me at the same time and bite either side of my neck before I drank from your wrists,” I explained. There were dual moans in the room, and while I hated to squash their lust, I felt there was more to say. “You would need to decide when that would be best or how to facilitate that since I have no experience.”

“Are you a virgin?” Rhyce whispered as he moved behind me on the bed. I bit back a moan as his hand moved along the crease of my ass. 

Wow! “Yes. Heaven is not a fan of preaching casual sex. They do not find it to be a sin, but God is all about souls, soul mates, and finding the right person to share something so intimate with. But as I am yours, you may do with me as you wish. I will defer to you both in these matters.”

“So we just jump right in and fuck you?” Jared asked. I glanced up at him, and his eyes changed to something darker. Anger? Why was he mad now?

“I am offering myself,” I whispered, unsure of what to do. “The choice is yours. I’m not sure of what else to say or do in this situation to please you. If you would just tell me, I would endeavor to oblige.”

“I happily accept,” Rhyce said deeply as he moved his cock to my hole. He must have done something or shot Jared a look because Jared’s expression changed and he gave a slight nod. 

I didn’t get a chance to figure out what that meant because Rhyce pushed inside my ass. I bit my lip and lowered my head, submitting and trying to stay quiet.

“Is this okay?”

I nodded, pushing back onto his cock to take more and assure him the only way I knew how.

“What if I don’t want to wait for my turn?” Jared growled. I blinked up at him, again lost and confused. “What if I want my mate to suck my cock while my other mate is fucking him?”

I was struck stupid by what he said and did the only think I could think of—pushing myself up so my face was at his groin and opening my mouth. He gave me a wicked smile before grabbing a handful of my hair and guiding his cock past my lips. I closed my eyes as they tried to roll back into my head and swallowed around the massive dick stretching my mouth wide.

“That’s nice. Do that again,” Jared demanded. I did as Rhyce kept pushing deeper into my ass. The moment he jabbed my prostate, I felt my nerve endings explode… As I almost did. Constricting the blood flow to my cock, I staved off my climax. There was no way I could please them if that was how fast I came. 

Once Rhyce’s hips touched my ass, he didn’t move, allowing me to adjust to his size. I squirmed a bit, testing the feeling of him inside me and spurring him on.

“Fuck our angel slut hard,” Jared groaned as his other hand moved to my hair. “I want him to deep throat me as one of these perks.”

Again I had done something wrong. And I found him referring to me as his angel slut instead of my name hurt my chest again. Instead of addressing it, I gave him what he wanted, practically choking myself to oblige. They relentlessly pounded into me from both ends and while it was wondrous in a way I’d never imagined—something was missing. Granted, I couldn’t say what it was, I simply felt as if the fornication with my mates should be something more. 

As one, they both picked up the pace as if waiting for something. Of course I didn’t know what but I worried it was because of my non-existent skills they couldn’t find their release. I used my powers to replicate the sensations of their anuses being pleasured by tongues, relief swarming me when Jared filled my mouth with his seed moments later as Rhyce did in my ass.

When they had filled me with every last drop, both pulled out of my used body, and I felt Rhyce fall to the bed. Jared flipped himself over the footboard and on the other side of me.

“Wow. Just wow,” Rhyce panted. I glanced at him, too afraid to move, only to see him smiling up at me. “That was awesome. I can’t believe you could make it feel like I was getting tongue-fucked.”

“Yes, quite the perk,” Jared mumbled as he threw his arm over his face. “I’d ask if you had another round in you, but frankly, since I have to before I can touch my other mate, I’m sure you can suffer through it.”

“Jared, stop,” Rhyce snapped as he rolled to sit up. “Stop, okay? We all just met. There’s a lot going on and we need to be there for each other. Not ostracize one of us.”

I sat back on my feet, watching them as they started arguing. I didn’t know what they were arguing about though. Was it me? That Jared wanted sex again? Something else I was missing?

My money was on the last option.

“Would you prefer me in the same position or another one?” I offered Jared, cutting into their bickering. I didn’t understand why they were arguing, and to be honest, I didn’t want them arguing during our first time being intimate.

His gaze snapped to me and that weird smile came back to his lips. “Let’s see how flexible you are.”

“I will endeavor to do my best but it might take some practice before I’m at the abilities of your liking.” A thrill went through me at his words, and I was not sure if it was fear or excitement. Could someone feel both at once?

“Right, sure.” He rolled his eyes and sat up before flipping me onto my back. “Are you still slicked up enough?” 

Except he didn’t wait for me to answer, moving my legs to my chest and slamming his cock into my hole. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, whether it be from pain or pleasure I couldn’t be sure. He moved faster and with more strength than I would have imagined one man could—even a hound. Again my body tried to respond too soon, so I constricted my blood flow to my dick and turned my head to the side so my facial expressions weren’t distracting in the hopes he could find pleasure in me.

My body started to hurt several minutes in, Jared doing his best to roll me into a ball. Plus I was pretty sure my anus was tearing. I used my power in the most lustful way again and sighed when Jared bellowed out in bliss and came deep inside me. 

“Good, now that that’s done, I can get to know my real mate,” he murmured under his breath. I felt a crushing pain in my chest, especially when I realized Rhyce had been in the bathroom and hadn’t heard him.

But I had.

“Right, of course. Sorry the copulating was dis-pleasurable,” I muttered when he pulled out of me. I tried to scramble off the bed, but my legs were numb from the position I’d been in for too long, so instead, I rolled to sit up on the edge of it.
“Just cut the shit, okay? You could care less if I enjoyed it. You just want your end game won. Fine, we’ll fuck you, and I’ll probably be your Heaven hound since you were imposed on me by God and it is his will. But that’s it. This is a fucking sham.”

Before I could say anything, he rolled off the bed and stormed over to the bathroom. I heard the shower running when the door opened before Jared slammed it. I did not even pretend to be human after that or going through the motions. I made my physical being appear outside, freshly showered and redressed.

“Gabriel!” I bellowed, knowing he’d hear me. As if my boss and friend for thousands of years wouldn’t stay close to check on such a volatile situation. Sure enough, he appeared moments later with a frown on his face. “This is not going to work. You need to set them free of me. There has to be another way. I cannot endure this and they shouldn’t have to.”

“Show me,” he whispered as he hugged me, catching me before I dropped to my knees. I let him into my mind so he could feel every second, experience every moment of my humiliation and first intimate experience. When he was done, he sighed, and we both plopped onto the ground. “I cannot tell you what to do, this is your journey, Castillo.”

“That’s a first,” I snorted, shaking my head. “Normally you are always ready with instructions or advice.”

“Advice I can give you, my sarcastic friend,” he snickered, shaking his head as he rubbed my back. “Be patient with them and yourself. This is a lot that has been asked of all of you. I will, however, say that being understanding and accepting of their natures does not make you a doormat.” I glanced at him, unsure of what he meant. He sighed heavily and rubbed my back. “Do not allow him to call you his angel slut again. I felt the pain it caused you. He’s angry and confused that that type of disrespect is unacceptable even if you weren’t his mate.”

“I can tell him he can’t do something?” I blinked at Gabriel, thinking that sounded a lot like impeding upon Jared’s free will.

“You can’t force him not to.” He shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well, you could, but don’t. Tell him you won’t stand for it, and it’s offensive to you. From what we know of these hounds, they are honorable. Once he knows how it hurt you, he will stop.”

I nodded along with what he said. That part made sense at least. “What about the rest?”

“You will figure it out. I am here if you want to talk, but I cannot tell you what to do.” He stood, and I followed him up as well. “For one, I might have more interaction with humans under my belt but that doesn’t mean I would have all the right answers. So don’t ask.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks. He didn’t have a fucking clue either and didn’t want to give me bad directions. I hugged him quickly and nodded. “That was sage advice, and I appreciate it.”

“Go with your heart, Castillo. God knew this was the right fit. You simply have to work at it. Show them this wasn’t just a barter for their assistance.”

“I can do that.” I bobbed my head, unsure that was how I truly felt, even as Gabriel disappeared in a flash of light. “Once I figure out how the fuck to do that, I can do that. Not that I have a clue as how to do that. Some divine intervention would be great right about now just in case anyone’s listening.” I didn’t even bother to wait as I stomped back to the house I was unwelcomely staying at.

I was almost calm when I reached the terrace doors until I felt about two dozen presences—not hounds. 

“Oh go piss off,” I snarled as I spun around. “I’m pretty sure God’s purpose for us has nothing to do with spying on each other and eating popcorn in amusement to the drama of one of your own!”

“As you wish, angel slut,” someone sang before I felt them all disappear.

“Of course they had to hear that. Un-fucking-believable.” I locked the door behind me, muttering to myself whether I should go smother my mates or beg them to accept me. It was a 50/50 split. 

And to be honest, I wasn’t sure which way I was going to go. So instead I did what I always did—worked. I made maps and supplies appear. I fixed myself something to drink from the impressive bar, ready to spend several hours helping us all. I worked out everything that needed to be done, hoping if I took some things off my mates’ plates, that maybe they’d go a little easier on me. 

I thought it was a fair idea.

I really did.

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