Becoming Family by Flynn Eire

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New York Police Lieutenant Eugene Harris thought he’d seen it all when on the force. The good, the bad, and the evil. He never once believed it would be so close to his doorstep. Having men with red eyes break into his apartment would have been too much for anyone, but now he had to come to grips with angels and demons being real. His daughter’s safety depended on it.
Ronan Macfayden falls head over tail for Eugene, and his daughter, Ruthie. He does whatever he feels Eugene needs help with. Spending weeks at his side, getting the new security staff for compound up and running, he hopes Eugene will see him for who he truly is. It only takes a conspiring nine-year-old to nudge them into the right direction.
The two fight to keep the others safe and their relationship on the right path. But the hellish dangers continue, threatening everyone and everything within the compound, calling into question the security in place. Will finding friends once thought long gone stop Ronan from what he truly desires? Will the demons or other obstacles keep Ronan, Eugene, and Ruthie from becoming family?

Ok first I have to say, my hubby is NYPD, so Eugene has a special place in my heart.  Not all cops are as cool calm and collected as Eugene is.  I love how he takes charge of the situation.    

Ronan reminds me of my dog.  Following Eugene around like a little lost puppy.  Playing with Ruthie and taking care of them. 

However, I think Ruthie stole the story.  She is the quintessential little girl who is 9 going on 35.  Wise way beyond her years.  

As always, Flynn grabs you by your heartstrings and you yearn for Eugene and Ronan to resolve their feelings and get together.  Like I have said in the past, for a story that wasn’t supposed to go passed book 1, this series keeps getting better.  4 Hearts!

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The worst day of my life started with an angel. An honest to goodness, wings and bright light kind of fucking angel. It might have made me feel special, an angel in my house, if it hadn’t scared the absolute, complete shit out of me.

“Ruthie, get your butt in gear or we’re going to be late getting you to school,” I called out as I refilled my travel mug with more coffee before preparing her bagel. I started thinking about the same things I did every day. What did we need from the store? Did I pack Ruthie’s soccer gear in her bag for after school? Was I enough as a single father to give Ruthie a good life?

Then I heard her scream. “Dad, help!”

I dropped the bagel and had my gun in my hand before even thinking about it. Busting into her room, I aimed at the man standing by my daughter. “How did you get in here? Who are you?”

“I am Wormwood, angel of the Lord,” he said calmly, smiling at me.

“Yeah, and I’m Santa Clause. Get the fuck away from my daughter.” Then I saw two things at once that changed our lives forever. A massive dog moved out from behind me—how, I didn’t know, because I was along the wall so there was no place for it to hide. And Wormwood—a terrible name for anyone—suddenly had wings. 

I almost dropped my damn gun.

And then just about shit my pants when the large dog started growling.

“There is no time to explain, Lt. Eugene Harris,” Wormwood blurted as he glanced past me with wide eyes. “Your daughter is in danger, and we’re here to bring you both to safety.”

“Dad, he’s got wings,” my nine-year-old whispered as she reached out to touch them.

“Ruthie, stay back,” I barked, hating that I had to be that harsh when I saw tears build in her eyes. “Come here, baby girl. Nice and slow, away from the crazy man with the fake wings.”

“Will you take me to see my mom?” Ruthie begged.

“No!” My heart skipped several beats. Her mother had been dead for two years now. The only way to see her was— “You can’t take my child. She’s healthy. She’s not dying!”

“She is healthy but might not be for much longer if we don’t get you out of here,” the angel worried, his eyes full of fear as the dog growled louder.

“What does that even mean?” I snapped, glancing from him to the dog to Ruthie.

He opened his mouth to answer but there was a loud noise at the door of our apartment, and I heard it crashed in. I turned to face another threat, but the dog shoved me aside. What kind of breed was as big as a baby horse? 

Two men entered our apartment, and since the front door was a straight shot from where I was standing, past the kitchen, I saw them immediately.

And their red eyes. Everything in me screamed they were evil, like raw, biblical evil. Of the two choices I had, the man with wings or the ones with red eyes—my decision was easy.

“Get us out of here,” I agreed, rushing over to Ruthie as I holstered my gun. The second I was close enough, I picked her up and moved her head against my chest as I looked at Wormwood. The two men raced into the room and the dog attacked, one of them easily smacking the animal away. It cried out in pain and fell to the floor.

Who defeats a massive dog like that?

“Don’t be afraid.” He took my hand and looked at the dog. In the blink of an eye, we weren’t in our apartment anymore, but standing outside of a massive building that looked like a dorm or school. Then angel rushed over to the dog and put his hands on it. “I’ve got you, my friend. You’re going to be fine, Braedan.”

The dog took in a huge breath, shaking as if something was happening to him that I couldn’t see. Then he got to his feet and shook his head.

“Castillo! We’re under attack,” Wormwood called out. Another person appeared out of nowhere and joined them.

“Dad, I’m scared,” Ruthie whispered, shaking against me.

“Me too, baby girl. Me too,” I cooed, rubbing her back as I tried to keep my own panic at bay. I glanced around, trying to figure out where we even were or which way to run.

“Running won’t help,” the new man, I’m assumed Castillo, said to me. “We are not here to hurt you, Eugene Harris. Those men with the red eyes were coming to take your daughter to Hell. It’s complicated, and she’s not the only one, so I ask you be patient a bit while we figure out—”

“I’m not a civilian,” I snapped, realizing he was talking to me the way I spoke to victims or witnesses when they got hysterical. “I want answers and now.”

“Not as easy being on the other side of the coin, is it?” Castillo chuckled, walking towards us and patting Ruthie’s back. “Hello, little Ruthie. How have you been?”

“Good, I guess. I’m scared, Castillo,” she answered, recognition on her face as she stared at the man. “Thank you for coming for me.”

“You know this man? You’ve spoken to my daughter before?” I yelled, turning her away from him. “What have you done to her?”

“Dad, it’s cool. Castillo’s an angel too,” she soothed as she kissed my cheek. “He checks up on me from time to time. He came the night Mom died.” Then she pulled back enough so she could see the angel. “Why didn’t you ever show me your wings? I would have liked that.”

“I know, Ruthie, but I have bigger, brighter wings than Wormwood, and I didn’t want to hurt your eyes. I couldn’t risk it because you’re so special.”

“I’m not special,” she sniffled, quickly wiping her eyes like the brave girl she was. “My mom sold my soul to the Devil. That’s a curse.”

“What?” I gasped as I almost dropped her. I shot Castillo my best authoritative look like I did my squad when they disappointed me.

“What have you been telling my daughter?”

“The truth,” he sighed, giving me a sad smile. “Let’s get you both some breakfast while we tend to any other injured coming in. Then I promise we will talk.”


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