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  • After the Fire by Felice Stevens

    A single bullet destroyed the dreams of Dr. Jordan Peterson. With the man he loved dead, Jordan descends into an endless spiral of pain that nearly costs him his friends, his career and his life. When Jordan meets the aloof Lucas Conover, the investment banker’s mysterious past and unexpected kindness shocks Jordan back to a life he thought was lost forever.
    Betrayal and abandonment by the foster brother he’d worshiped as a child taught Lucas Conover never to trust or believe in anyone. Living a solitary life did little to free him of the nightmare of his past; it reinforces his belief he wasn’t meant to fall in love. Working closely with Dr. Jordan Peterson forces him to meet another person whose suffering equals his own and Lucas can’t shake the unexpected the first man to ever get under his skin.
    Mutual respect and rising desire bring Jordan and Luke closer than they ever imagined, and each man must come to terms with their past as they struggle to create a future together. And learning to trust in themselves and love again after tragedy and a lifetime of pain, may be the only thing that saves them in the end.

     My Review


    Jordan suffered a great loss.  For almost a year, he has sunken into a deep depression using drugs and alcohol to make it day by day.  He secludes himself from the friends that have always been like family.  Until one day he gets a letter that gives him motivation to move forward.  He will not fail Keith.

    Lucas had a pretty bad childhood.  The only person he ever looked up to deserted him.  When his foster family abandoned him while he was in the hospital, Lucas had to do everything he could to support himself and make something of himself.  If only the President of this new foundation would just answer his phone calls, things would get easier.  Once he finally gets Jordan in his office, he finds that he doesn’t really want him to leave.

    Working together to make Keith’s dream a reality, Jordan and Lucas fall in love.  But when a blast from the past threatens tearing Jordan’s “family” apart, tension runs high.  Jordan’s drug use threatens their relationship.   Love will always find a way.

    A very touching story with a reunion that we hoped would happen.  Again, I had tears.  Now, I am just waiting for the next book in the series.

    4 Hearts!


    After the Fire Excerpt © Felice Stevens 2015
    “Damn, you look like shit.” Ash’s sharp gaze raked him up
    and down. “Ow.” He rubbed his arm when Drew elbowed him. “Don’t get mad at me,
    baby. You know he does. Look at him.” 
    “Can we come in, Jordy?” Drew’s kind smile strangely made him feel worse, not
    He said nothing and pulled the front door wider for his friends, leaving them
    to trail behind him back through the house and into the spacious kitchen. Sunlight
    poured onto the terra-cotta floors and glinted off the glass-fronted maple
    cabinets. The kitchen was his pride and joy, and when he and Keith bought the
    brownstone, it had been the only room he cared about decorating. Jordan had
    always loved staring out of the large bay window as he relaxed with his cup of
    coffee in the morning. 
    “Did you have a party?” Drew tipped his head to the table, still cluttered with
    vodka bottles. 
    “Party of one, more likely.” 
    Jordan heard Ash’s muttered remark, and despite a throbbing head and a roiling
    stomach, he lashed out. 
    “Shut up, Davis.” He and Ash had never had the easiest of relationships, and
    even though Jordan knew how happy Drew was, the man still irritated the hell
    out of him. 
    “Why, Jordan? The truth hurts?” Ash’s voice, oddly enough, neither condemned
    nor derided him. Instead, it held an overall note of sadness, mixed with
    empathy that pulled Jordan up short. “You sit here, night after night, refusing
    our dinner invitations, as well as any social contact with Rachel, Mike, or
    even Esther. Don’t think we don’t know what you’re doing and why.” 
    Jordan winced. Shit. A kindhearted, sympathetic Ash Davis was almost worse than
    the usual sarcastic attitude he dished out to everyone. “I’m not in the mood
    for company; that’s all.” 
    “And I call bullshit on that. You’re still mourning Keith, and I get that, but
    that doesn’t mean you don’t go on living. When your only company since he died
    has been vodka or whiskey, you’re heading for disaster.” 
    “Jordy.” Drew slung an arm around his shoulder. “I’m worried about you. You’ve
    lost weight, skipped days at the hospital, and I was told that during surgery
    last week—” 
    “Are you checking up on me?” He pulled away from Drew, shaking with anger.
    “What the fuck, man? You’re not my goddamn keeper.” Humiliation, shame, and a
    sense of despair tore through him as he turned away from his two friends to go
    back and sit at the kitchen table. He ran his hands over the battered wood of
    the long farmhouse table. He remembered how happy he and Keith had been to find
    it in the small Pennsylvania town they’d stumbled upon oneSaturday. Making love
    on top of it after lugging it up the stairs of the brownstone was a memory
    etched forever in his mind. He gripped the edge of the table to steady himself. 
    A few deep breaths settled him, yet he couldn’t face his friends. 
    For over thirty years he and Drew had been friends; the man knew him better
    than anyone else. People might think Drew Klein was sweet and easygoing, but
    Jordan knew the core of steel within his friend. Drew refused to back down if
    he thought he could help. True to form, Drew dropped into the chair right next
    to him, challenging and direct. 
    “Jordan. Look at me.” 
    It took an effort to tear his gaze away from the tabletop, but he inhaled a
    deep breath and smiled into Drew’s face. “What is it?” 
    Drew seemed taken aback that Jordan was smiling and not lashing out with his
    usual anger. “I’m not checking up on you. It’s common knowledge that you showed
    up to your first surgery since Keith died and had to wait an extra hour to
    start because you had the shakes.” Drew’s mouth thinned to a hard line. “Are
    you crazy showing up drunk for surgery? You could lose your fucking license,
    for God’s sake.” 
    “I wasn’t drunk. I was overtired and hadn’t eaten since lunchtime the day
    Behind him he heard Ash snort with laughter. “Are you fucking kidding me,
    Jordan? You can come up with a better one than that.” 
    “Fuck off, Ash,” he shot back. “I couldn’t care less about your opinion.” 
    “Do you care about mine, Jordy? Don’t lie to me.” Drew’s stare remained
    unflinching, his eyes soft and knowing. “I know you’re still having a hard time
    moving on from Keith’s death, but it’s going to be a year soon.” 
    “It’s only been nine months. God almighty, did you expect me to forget him
    already?” Horrified, Jordan swept his hand across the table, sending the empty
    bottles and food containers crashing to the floor. “Could you forget Ash so
    quickly? Keith and I were together for almost four years. Stop pressuring me to
    move on with my life. It’s over for me. There will never be anyone else.” 


    About the  Author

    I have always been a romantic at heart. I believe that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending just around the corner. I started reading traditional historical romances when I was a teenager, then life and law school got in the way. It wasn’t until I picked up a copy of Bertrice Small and became swept away to Queen Elizabeth’s court that my interest in romance novels became renewed.
    But somewhere along the way, my tastes shifted. While I still enjoys a juicy Historical romance, I began experimenting with newer, more cutting edge genres and discovered the world of Male/Male romance. Once I picked up her first, I became so enamored of the authors, the character-driven stories and the overwhelming emotion of the books, I knew I wanted to write my own.
    I live in New York City with my husband and two children and hopefully soon a cat of my own. My day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. I practice law but daydream of a time when I can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there is bound to be angst along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.


  • Served hot by Annabeth Albert

    In Portland, Oregon, the only thing hotter than the coffee shops, restaurants, and bakeries are the hard-working men who serve it up—hot, fresh, and ready to go—with no reservations…
    Robby is a self-employed barista with a busy coffee cart, a warm smile, and a major crush on one of his customers. David is a handsome finance director who works nearby, eats lunch by himself, and expects nothing but “the usual”—small vanilla latte—from the cute guy in the cart. But when David shows up for his first Portland Pride festival, Robby works up the nerve to take their slow-brewing relationship to the next level. David, however, is newly out and single, still grieving the loss of his longtime lover, and unsure if he’s ready to date again. Yet with every fresh latte, sweet exchange—and near hook-up—David and Robby go from simmering to steaming to piping hot. The question is: Will someone get burned?
    A man who decided to change careers and opened a coffee shop.  See same man for months and is interested.  Is he gay or isn’t he?  Robby pushes David to see him.  David has had a traumatic experience with his last relationship.  Is he ready for another?
    I liked this story. I have seen this type of scenario before.  Robby is cute the way he gets David to express himself.  I felt like something was missing while I read.  I would have liked to see David’s side.  His sister came to visit, I would have loved to see that.  Perhaps have her convince David to continue with Robby.  Something. 
    That being said I did like the book.  I give it 3 Hearts.



    Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer.
    Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.


  • Release Day Blitz for Sawyer by Nicole Edwards!

    7 - Sawyer




    From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the seventh book in her Alluring Indulgence series, erotic romances featuring the Walker brothers from Coyote Ridge, Texas, and their sizzling-hot love interests.

    Sawyer Walker has never run into problems with women. The female population tends to swarm toward him, in fact, and he’s never had a complaint.

     But there’s one woman Sawyer has always had his eye on. A woman who won’t give him the time of day. In recent months, it would seem that Kennedy Endsley is opening up to Sawyer, but she’s got a few surprises in store for him. Because, as hard as she finds it to resist the handsome Walker brother, she won’t give in easily. Not when her heart is on the line.


    My Review


    Kennedy was the nerd everyone picked on in high school. Once in college, the ugly duckling became a swan. Sawyer used to go with the flow of the other boys in High School, however, there was always something about Kennedy that he couldn’t put his finger on. Years later Sawyer sees the beauty Kennedy has become and knows he will do anything to have her. Kennedy swears she won’t give Sawyer the time of day, but her heart is saying otherwise. Definitely a book in row with the others in the Series. You don’t just all of a sudden fall in love with the characters, you fall in love with them as they fall for each other. Funny, passionate, and a small mystery too boot. I just want to know if Jeff and Mack get back together!!!!!


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  • A Gorgeous Mess by Layla Wolfe

    Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

    ANSON: I was just a mercenary back from fighting the good fight overseas. I was on a quest for my father, my roots, looking for answers. Turk Blackburn, Bent Zealots MC Prez, ordered me on a fresh operation to prove myself, my guts, my valor. Infiltrate the Navajo Rez and find out who is claiming the Zealots’ turf, using kids to cook drugs.

    My partner is the famous badge slut, Ormond Tangier, known far and wide for his mad oral skills, his subservience to anyone in uniform. Mercenaries don’t wear badges, but my dominant side soon has me all over that seductive Spanish servant. A man may as well have a few laughs while on a fatal mission. Because these things never end pleasantly.

    ORMOND: I was flung into a life-or-death battle against the slimy Iceman, leader of a rival MC. Iceman is running all sorts of questionable ops on Bent Zealots land, and now Anson and I have to prove our street creds just to stake a claim in our own backyard.

    I’m a friend of cops, firemen, and soldiers alike, but suddenly I only want one man ordering me around. Anson Dineyazzie, macho half-breed hired gun, has stolen more than just my heart. This was never supposed to happen.

    ANSON: I swear I’m never falling for that service bottom Ormond. I’m accomplishing this op and going back to Afghanistan. But I have to wrest control of this Rez land from Iceman and the lethal hit man who has been trailing us. I’d bury anyone who got between me and Ormond. Does that mean I’m in love? God, I hope not. Don’t think I can take that again. Just need to get back onto the open road and blow the dust from my soul.


    Ormond is a submissive who loves to please a man in uniform even if they are straight. One day he realizes that at this time in his life he may want more .

    His daughter is a meth head who is pregnant and wants nothing to do with dear old dad. Speaking of dads, Anson just wants to know where his, Riker, is at.

    Without looking for it these two bikers fall for each other as they try to get rid of a meth lab in the BZ territory. Later, the two lovers would get something they never thought they would have, but wouldn’t give it up for nothing.

    This book was better than the first. There wasn’t as much inner dialogue and MC language. I was able to fully immerse myself into the story.

    3.5 Hearts!

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    Layla Wolfe is satisfied with a leather jacket, one bad-ass pink camo compound bow, and a vicarious outlaw lifestyle.  Layla has published 25+ erotic romance titles under the name Karen Mercury.


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  • The Hurricane by R. J. Prescott



    Emily McCarthy is living in fear of a dark and dangerous past. A gifted mathematician, she is little more than a hollow, broken shell, trying desperately to make ends meet long enough to finish her degree. 
    Through an unlikely friendship with the aging, cantankerous owner of an old boxing gym, Em is thrown into the path of the most dangerous man that she has ever met.
    Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell is cut, tattooed and dangerous. He is a lethal weapon with no safety and everyone is waiting for the mis-fire. He’s never been knocked out before, but when he meet Em he falls, HARD. Unlike any other girl he’s ever met, she doesn’t want anything from him, but just being around her makes him want to be a better person. 
    They are polar opposites who were never meant to find each other, but some things are just worth the fight.
    What can I say about this book but that it was a TKO!!!  There is nothing about this book that I did not like.  I admire Emily for her strength and courage.  If I were her, I would have crawled in a hole and died.  Cormac, omg, hotness!!! Big, Bad and teddy bear at heart.  Total Book Boyfriend material.  The two heat up the pages while they heal each other and bring out the best in each other.  
    Totally a 5  Heart Book!


    Amazon   |   B&N   |   Kobo   |   iBooks


    I was born in Cardiff, South Wales although I left to study law at the University of Bristol, England. Four weeks before graduation I fell in love, and stayed. Ten years later I convinced my crazy, wonderful fire fighter husband to move back to Cardiff with me where we live with our two equally crazy sons. Juggling work, writing and family doesn’t leave a lot of time, but curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate for family movie night is definitely the best part of my week. “The Hurricane” is my debut New Adult Novel.


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