Inevitable by CA Harms

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After a traumatic event, Harper learned how to erect and maintain a wall around her.  She refuses to let anyone hurt her again.

Easton never  allowed himself to think  of Harper as anything more than his best friend’s very beautiful sister.  One day she comes to her brother, Jett’s, place of business to let Jett and him have it to stay out of her personal life.  That is the moment he realized how hot she really is.

From that moment on, they could hardly stay away from each other.  Harper confides in Easton.  Easton’s past comes to haunt him.  I love how strong Harper is.  Easton is a very noble and loving guy.


Harper Jameson, had built the necessary walls to keep her heart safe. Never again would she allow herself to become weak and vulnerable. Confident and full of attitude.

A mask she wore than many fell for… except Easton Black.

He was equally confident, cocky and knew what he wanted. Determined.  Things he wanted rarely escaped his grasp.  He was immune to the facade Harper had created.  She was intriguing.

It was Inevitable and Harper could sense that there was no way out. Easton Black would no doubt be the man that could change everything.  People aren’t always as strong as they appear to be on the outside…

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About the Author

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

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