Up in Arms by Kindle Alexander

One of my newest favorite authors is, Kindle Alexander.  I have previously reviewed two of her books, Double Full and Texas Pride.  Last night, I decided to read another one of her books, Up in Arms.

“When Reed Kensington–ruthless attorney, self-made millionaire and handsome playboy–returns from abroad and accepts a position with a prestigious law firm in his hometown, he believes his life is perfect. Reed never expected a chance meeting with an auburn-haired temptation to make him cross-examine his life or his future. Trevor West, a military special ops team member, has a secret not even his best friends and fellow team members, Brody and Rylie, are privy too. He’s gay and has a crush on one of them since their first days in boot camp.”

Reed is the gentleman that every man or woman dreams of.  I don’t know if it is his many years in Europe or his mother’s upbringing, but he is sooooo le sigh…….

Trevor, even being a stacked Marine, has the many insecurities that typically woman have in stories.  But, I fell in love with him when Reed did.

*********************SPOILER ALERT**********************

If you do not want to know what happens within the story, do not read any further than this.  Just know that I adored this book and give Up in Arms:

I totally related to Trevor when he thought there was no way Reed could ever seriously want him past maybe one incredible round of hot sex. Did he want to ruin his adopted family? 

Reed is sex on a stick.  He can have any man he wants, and after taking one look at Trevor he only wants him.  After Rylie’s wedding, well during the reception, Reed finally takes Trevor to bed to make love.  Something he never has done.  Of course, there is no morning after because Trevor’s special forces team get called for duty.  

While in the jungle, Trevor can only think about Reed.  He has his doubt about the relationship Reed told him he wanted.  Was he telling the truth?  Could he really want him?  Once the task his is sent to do with his team, he finds himself in an impossible situation and finds Reed is there for him.  Is it fair to have Reed in a relationship where Trevor is a burden?  Trevor doesn’t think so, so he tries to push Reed away.  I was crying and saying nooooooooooooooooo!  But Reed, the loving Kensington he is, sees through Trevor’s actions and takes care of Trevor.  

I love Reed….I want one of those.  I am married, but damn wish he was like him!  

Mega spoiler alert!!!!

Congressional Medal of Honor was definitely written all over Trevor for what he did.  I am so happy we got to see experience it with Trevor and Reed.

Loved the book Kindle!




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