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     Zayne Michaels

About Zayne

Zayne Michaels is a small-town girl who grew up and ran off to the big city. She currently resides in the Midwest where she spends her days dreaming up dark, sexy adventures in between soccer games and the never-ending pile of laundry. 

Zayne’s fascination with old and discarded treasures has always been a source of inspiration for her tales. From antique clocks to old, dilapidated houses, her imagination turns to the “what ifs” and “what used to bes.” 

Maybe this love for the abandoned is why she is a firm advocate of second chances, or perhaps she’s just a little crazy. Whatever the reason, Zayne believes everyone chooses their own path, creates their own destiny, and is the author of their own story.


Blood Red: Once Upon a Midnight Moon

“Declan Collins never wanted to be a vampire. He certainly never wanted to be a pawn in his Maker’s games of cat and mouse. When their hunt for a rare and elusive breed of werewolf leads them straight to Declan’s mate, however, it’s game over.

Lincoln Chastain never imagined the infamous Red Siren would turn out to be his intended. He can’t deny the attraction between them, but nor can he allow a pretty face to distract him from his quest for retribution.

Sometimes, things aren’t as black and white as they seem and finding the truth will come with a price. Will the secrets they discover give the mated pair the happy ending they desire? Or will the lies and greed of others destroy them before they’ve even started?”

As soon as I knew this book was available, I had to go buy it and read it.  I have been looking forward to reading this author since I heard about her, and all I can say is she did not disappoint me.  I can’t say too much of how I feel about the characters without giving too much away.  So, I will say I hated who I did when I believe I was supposed to and loved them when I was supposed to.  I know….cryptic much, but really, I can’t say much of anything unless I give away the ending.  All I can say, is everything has three stories, one you see currently, one they see, and what really happened.  All is not what you think it is, and that is what I liked about  Blood Red.  I give this book ❤❤❤❤.

This title is available from Amazon.  If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can get this title free from the Owners’ Lending Library.

I look forward to Zayne’s next book in October 2013!




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