Spotlight on Kris Cook

As Kris’s website states, “If you’re looking for a good place to start, take a look at his Mockingbird Place series”  I heartily agree.

I love this series.  It kinda reminds me of a much better version of Melrose Place.  I mean like 1,000% better.  People of all genders and sexual preferences call Mockingbird Place home, and I wish I lived there.

Picking one coupling is difficult for me.  Each holds a special place in my heart.  I want to have S & M cooking for me, I want Oliver to decorate my home and I want  Red Shimmer playing at my next party.  Each book is like learning your best friend’s story.  How they became who they are.  How Malcolm met them and had them join his family.  And that is exactly what Mockingbird Place is a family.

The first 5 books and the Holiday bonus are available in a bundle.  The sixth book is out with the seventh coming soon, and I am looking forward to it.  The fourth book below is three to play which is a spin off of the Mockingbird Place series.  To find out how it is a spin off, you will have to read the series to find out. 

I have loved every book from Kris Cook to date.  If he is not on your Must Read list, he should be.

Kris CookKris Cook was born in Monnett, Missouri, USA. His father was in the military, so Kris grew up in many locations, including: Missouri, Maine, California, Washington, Germany, Illinois, Indiana and finally settling in Texas.

Kris is a fiction author and novelist, writing in the romance, new adult and gay fiction genres.

His approach to writing is to dig deep emotionally with hard hitting and relevant current issues, striving to deliver books that have you ripping through the pages, catching your breath, and HEAs that will reach your heart.



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