Redneck Romeo

I have read  every book that Lorelei James has available on Kindle and all her free reads.  She has a way with cowboys that just calls to me.  On June 18, 2013, Book 15 in the Rough Riders Series, Redneck Romeo, was released.  Of course I pre-ordered it in April and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the last single McKay cowboy.  Here is the book description for Redneck Romeo.
Redneck Romeo
“The last McKay standing is knocked to his knees… 

 Three years ago, Dalton McKay looked across the altar and saw the woman he knew he’d love for the rest of his life…only it wasn’t his bride. That’s when he took the McKays’ love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation to new heights—fleeing the ceremony and Wyoming. 

Now a family issue has brought Dalton back to Sundance, giving him a chance to prove to everyone—especially the woman he thought he lost—that he’s a changed man. 

Aurora “Rory” Wetzler has fallen for cowboy hottie Dalton’s smooth-talkin’ ways too many times. So he’s determined to convince her he’s playing for keeps this go around? Fine. She’ll call that bluff—she can’t ignore their intense chemistry or resist smokin’ hot sex, but she’s not willing to gamble her heart again. 

Dalton has plenty of fences to mend with the McKays, but his biggest fear is that Rory doesn’t believe they have a future. He’ll have to pull out all the stops to show her they belong together for the long haul.”

Ms. James did not disappoint me with this book.  I admit, I cried in places.  Dalton suffered through alot and kept it to himself.  When the damn broke and secrets were disclosed…tears flowed.  The only negative with this book was that it started a tad slow.  However, I kept reading.  It got better and better and by the end, I forgot that it started slowly.  Only reason I can recall that now, is because I am reviewing the book and making sure I do it justice.  All in all, I fell in love with Rory and Dalton, like I did all the rest of the McKay Clan.  

I give Redneck Romeo ❤❤❤❤½.  

I am looking forward to Lorelei James’ next book to be released, Turn and Burn, the 5th book released in her Blacktop Cowboys Series in August.

Well Ciao for now.


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