Quarantining like everyone else.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is among us. I feel like we are living in the movie Outbreak lately. My son is on week two of his Spring Break. They extended it another week so that Professors could learn how to teach their college courses online. I guess I am lucky that he is going to be taught online, as there is no way I would be able to homeschool him. The stuff he learns at college would be way over my head! I know a lot of parents with younger children are going to have to start homeschooling though, so good luck to all of you. I won’t go into too much detail as I haven’t done it myself, but a few simple changes to a room can help improve focus and boost productivity and creativity (Get More Info here), so remember that! I was luckily on vacation last week, so I was paid for staying home. Now, I am home with my son and husband like the rest of New York State and other states. Only my husband, who is an EMT, goes to work or when needed as a Volunteer Fireman.

I am so grateful for him, and for all of the other key workers who have continued working on the frontline during this unprecedented time. They are willing to risk their lives for our safety, and we can only appreciate them for this. Of course, we can still do our bit in making sure that we are protecting ourselves and others. I’ve heard that wearing a cloth face mask, or any sort of face covering, can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus when we are going about our daily lives. And this is something that we should ALL do. The last thing we want to happen is for our lives to return to a sense of normality, and then being disrupted again because people aren’t taking the relevant precautions. And I for one want to see my husband return safely home every day from caring for others. So that’s why we need to make sure we’re wearing our face masks and purchasing sanitisers from the various hand sanitiser suppliers online. Of course, we should really be washing our hands with warm water and soap, but this isn’t always accessible. That’s why hand sanitiser is useful to keep in your bag when you’re out and about. If everyone cleaned their hands regularly, they could prevent the spread of coronavirus. We must take precautions too.

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning to try and decrease the risk of Covid decontamination. With Fibromyalgia, normal cleaning is bad enough, the deep cleaning I have been doing plays havoc on my body. It’s worth it though. I’ve been reading articles on websites like https://www.winstonsalemhomes4sale.com/how-to-disinfect-your-home
to get some extra cleaning tips and that technique seems to be working well so far! I just want to be safe. I have also read a lot. However, the reviews that go with them have gone unwritten. Bad Blogger!!! I will do them, I have a whole other week off to write them, and read more books. I am quit behind on my reading.

On a positive, I am currently beta reading for a great author and can wait to read the new book she just put in my inbox. Also, my girlfriends and I have been using Zoom to call each other to video chat just to “hang out” as we wish we could in person. We sit, BS, and drink alcohol together like usual. If anyone else is using Zoom, hit me up, we can have a party!!!!

Ok enough procrastinating, I need to do things before my 9pm BSing session begins.

Be safe, be well, and read the quarantine away.


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