Quarantining like everyone else.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is among us.   I feel like we are living in the movie Outbreak lately.   My son is on week two of his Spring Break.  They extended it another week so that Professors could learn how to teach their college courses online.  I was luckily on vacation last week, so I was paid for staying home.  Now, I am home with my son and husband like the rest of New York State and other states.  Only my husband, who is an EMT, goes to work or when needed as a Volunteer Fireman.  

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning to my chagrin.  With Fibromyalgia,  normal cleaning is bad enough, the deep cleaning I have been doing plays havoc on my body.  I have read a lot,.  However, the reviews that go with them have gone unwritten.  Bad Blogger!!!  I will do them, I have a whole other week off to write them, and read more books.  I am quit behind on my reading. 

On a positive, I am currently beta reading for a great author and can wait to read the new book she just put in my inbox.  Also, my girlfriends and I have been using Zoom to call each other to video chat just to “hang out” as we wish we could in person.  We sit, BS, and drink alcohol together like usual.    If anyone else is using Zoom, hit me up, we can have a party!!!!

Ok enough procrastinating, I need to do things before my 9pm BSing session begins.  

Be safe, be well, and read the quarantine away.


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