• My First Official Review!

    Ok, as I said in my last post, I read Stormy Glenn’s Wolf Haven 2: Ollie’s Haven.  In this story we follow Ollie and Griffin and watch them fall in love and how they deal with Griffin’s past of being a Sentry.  While reading, I realized that this book is what I like to call “a set up book”.  “A set up book” is an integral part of the story, which introduces a “home” setting and new characters setting the reader up for future books in the series.  Having said that, I did fall for Griffin during this book.  I love my Shifter’s big and possessive and Stormy did well with Griffin.  

    I have been thinking what rating system to use, when filing my review.   I have decided to go on a five heart system (❤❤❤❤❤).

    So that being said, I give Wolf Haven 2:  Ollies Haven ❤❤❤.  I liked it and it was well written.  I LOVE Stormy as an author and LOVE everything she writes.  I only gave it three hearts because I could tell that it was a “set up book”  and that is fine, but I would have like more meat to it.  However, it does have me anticipating Stormy’s next installation of this series:  Bray’s Bounty.  

    For a complete list of Stormy Glenn’s books please go to www.stormyglenn.com

    On a personal note, I am currently on a weight loss journey like almost every woman I know.  I am a Weight Watcher and am currently on my third go at it.  

    Today I did something that I haven’t been able to do the last two times……I earned my 10% Key Chain.  I cried when my leader gave it to me.  I owe Joann alot.  She is the sweetest woman and with her guidance, I know I will reach my goal.

    At the current moment I am rereading the Play-By-Play Series by Jaci Burton in anticipation of the next installment:  One Sweet Ride.  (Releases June 4, 2013).  I have already read Book 1 and am in the middle of Book 2.  I have supplied the Series’ book order below for your convenience as well as the like to Jaci’s website.

    Book 1: The Perfect Play
    Book 2: Changing the Game
    Book 3: Taking A Shot
    Book 4: Playing to Win
    Book 5: Thrown By A Curve
    Book 5: One Sweet Ride  

    Ok back to reading and cleaning and other things I need to do.



  • Under Construction!

    Please be patient, I am trying to get this up and running.  I want to thank Gabrielle Evans for helping me with trying to customize this blog. (Thanks Boss!)  I will have to play with it more.  BTW….go check out Gabrielle’s Website www.gabrielleevans.com
    Anyway, at the current moment I am reading Wolf Haven 2: Ollie’s Haven by Stormy Glenn. Just started it so I can’t review it yet, but I love everything Stormy writes.  I own all of her books on Kindle.
    I also wanted to promote an author that I have yet to read, Peyton Elizabeth.   Peyton‘s newest series is Safeword LLC.  I am looking forward to reading it!  


    The First Order [Safeword LLC 1]

    Safeword LLC places Becca in the sensual and strict hands of Lane and Ross Ellison.  When her fear of not being their ideal submissive weaves its way into their life, Becca sets out to be just that and unknowingly risks losing it all.



    Dare to Submit [Safeword LLC 2]

    Elena seeks out the help of Safeword LLC to overcome her past.  What will happen when the men she is placed with realize she omitted pertinent information on her application that will change the dynamic of their relationship?  Can Harrison and Grant convince Elena that trust is the ultimate submission?

    Just for the fun of it I want to mention a couple of other author’s that I love!  Corrine Davies  and Heather Rainier!   Please go and say hello!

    Well for now I am going to go chat with the Hellions!  Ciao!