• Lusty Meets Divine

    Hi!  My name is Karen and I am a Book Series Addict!  One of things I love about a series is that you get to know the characters.  I look forward to seeing characters and usually can not wait to see what happens next. What can be better than a book series that I adore?  A cross-over of two different series by two different authors that I LOVE!

    Heather Rainier posted this on her website and I can’t think of anything better of saying it so……

    Lucy’s Revenge is another series crossover with Cara Covington’s Love Under Two Private Dicks, set in her Lusty, Texas series. This is the second time Cara (aka as Morgan Ashbury) and I have written crossovers together. We’ve enjoyed working together so much, and I think readers can anticipate another pair of crossover novels from us in 2014.”  And we cannot wait for the next one!

    Banner by Mr. Rainier

    Love Under Two Private Dicks

    “Emily Anne Bancroft doesn’t see herself as a woman worthy of one man’s love, let alone two. Yet the hunger growing inside her for Mel Richardson and Connor Talbot can’t be denied. It’s up to those two private dicks to prove to her they’re, all three, meant to form a Lusty kind of family.

    Soon, she’s discovering that not only is she worthy, but she truly needs them both. And just when they have her where they want her, they discover this ménage lifestyle requires something from them they’re suddenly not sure if they can give.

    Matters are further complicated by the sly conniving of Emily Anne’s ex-boyfriend, and a case the men have been working on for the Lusty Town Trust. They’ve finally found the man who stole the Rhodes sisters’ inheritance. He’s living on the outskirts of Divine, Texas. And he’s more unbalanced, and deadly, than anyone could ever have imagined.”

    Lucy’s Revenge by Heather Rainier

    “Lucy Carter is striving to succeed as a self-employed licensed massage therapist and to bolster her flagging self-confidence. The ménage of her fantasies, featuring her best friends, seems to be on the backburner.

    Single dad Patrick Owen has been refined in the fires of betrayal. Now he knows exactly what he wants-Lucy Carter-and he’s ready to claim her along his best friend.

    Beekeeper Beck O’Malley’s heart has been shattered and he withdraws from the world until Lucy heals his heart. He’s held the spirited woman at arms’ length, until he can no longer fight his attraction to her. Unfortunately, Beck and Lucy clash nearly as often as they kiss and his possessiveness sets her on edge even as she falls deeper in love with him.

    When Lucy is drawn into a life-threatening crisis, all of their differences and struggles are brought into perspective. But by then will it be too late?”

    Whenever I read Heather’s Divine Creek Ranch Series, I always feel like I am home.  But then again I feel the same way with Cara’s Lusty, Texas Series too!  I love that Heather and Cara decided have characters hang out and help each other out.  When everyone is together, I feel like it is the biggest family reunion there is, and I never want it to end!  

    When it comes to the newest Divine book, I love that Beck, who suffers from “foot-in-mouth” disease and is suffering from a broken heart, finally gets his story told.  I couldn’t think of a better pair of guys for anyone to fall in love with than Patrick and Beck They are proven loyal partners.   

    When it comes to the newest Lusty book, I am so glad we finally get a resolution for Chloe and her sister.  That they finally can get on with their lives without questions.  Oh and the icing on the cakes is two hot private dicks being the ones who solve the case and wins the heart of  Emily.

    Le Sigh…..

    These two books don’t necessarily have an order to them.  They do literally cross-over for juicy stuff in the middle of both books.   So, read whichever one first.   That all being said, I love, love, love both these books!  So, it should be no shock that I give each of these books ❤❤❤❤❤.

    Now only if we can convince the authors to get a Divine/Lusty/Male Order/Bliss/Desire cross over going……..perhaps have a Polyamory Convention?  hehehehehe



  • Remembering 9/11/2001 from a NYPD Spouse

    I would be amiss in blogging if today, of all days, I didn’t blog about the day that changed the U.S.  So, here is my story from that fateful day.

    The morning of September 11, 2001 was a beautiful clear Tuesday on Long Island.  It was Primary Day here in New York.  My husband had taken me to vote and then he was going to take me work because he was off that day and was going to hang out with our then 7 month old son.  As we left the polling place, we heard on the news that a plane hit one of the Towers.  I don’t know if you know this fact, but it isn’t unheard of for that to happen in New York City.  As we were listening to reports, my husband (who at the time was getting his pilot’s license and had already soloed) shook his head and said that there is no way that plane was a small plane like first reports were saying.  His cop sense was tingling and he said I am taking us to your Mom’s house.  He said he had a feeling that he was going to be called in.  

    We arrived at my mom’s house and we got our first view of the Tower on the television my mom was watching.  Hubby was sure at that time that it was a large commercial jet and that it was almost impossible for this not to have been on purpose.  As we were discussing this, we saw before our eyes the second plane hit the Tower.  Like everyone else watching the events that played out on the screen we were open mouthed and wide-eyed.  Hubby kissed my son, who was now staying with my mom; got the stay safe speech from my mom; and then took me to work.  I kissed him and told him to pack extra underwear, deodorant, pop tarts and whatever else he can think of and be careful and that I loved him.

    As I sit there at work, nothing work got done.  Hubby was called in and was told to get Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn to get assignments.  He called me to let me know.  That was the last time I spoke to him for 2 or 3 days.  Twelve (now 13) years later I can’t recall the actual number, but at the time, it felt like forever.  When I went online at work to one of the news stations.  I watched as the Pentagon got hit, then each Tower fall, then heard of the plane crash in a field of Pennsylvania.  My heart went out to all of those people and their families and I couldn’t wait to go home and see my son.  

    A friend at work took me to my mom’s house and my mom took me home to pack a bag for me and my son so we could stay with her.  We didn’t know what would be happening and she didn’t want me to be by myself.  Quite frankly, I didn’t want to be alone either.  We all prayed for everyone who was killed, injured, all of the selfless civilians and of course all of the NY/NJ/Federal  heroes who put their own lives at risk to save others.  

    After I finally heard from Hubby, I realized I could finally breathe.  Felt like I stopped when I kissed him when he left that fateful morning.  He told me briefly that he got to Ground Zero just after the second Tower fell and he had spent a good amount of time thereafter on “The Pile”.  He slept in the Church and was ready to head back out but said he would be home the next day but then go back.  We he came home I kissed him and we cried together.

    The the following months, hubby was assigned to morgue duty.  I know….the things he saw was not something I would wish on anyone to see, but he helped do something that would help loved ones “know”.  All I can say is that I could not buy black garbage bags for a few years afterwards.   My husband was assigned down at Ground Zero until May of 2002.  

    **Update – The one thing I forgot to add was the fact that while at work and freaking you could see the smoke from the Towers in Manhattan from my office in Garden City.  That is about 45 minutes away by train.  My cousins in Brooklyn went on their roof and found papers from the Towers.  Sad.

    Today, he goes for health screening.  He goes every six months and I thank God everyday that so far, he is doing good.  I feel fortunate that he is healthy and is doing Biathlons, Triathlons (he is a half Ironman) and Marathons.  I am so proud of him. Too many of his friends or acquaintances either perished in 9/11 or are currently sick.  He doesn’t like to talk too much about that day and takes off of work every 9/11 and either goes running or biking….in fact that is where he is now.  

    In memory of all the men and women who died that day and because of that day, do something nice for someone.  Go see that old neighbor down the street and have coffee with them.  Take a cake to a firehouse or precinct and let them know how much you appreciate them.

    All gave some, some gave all.  Never forget.



  • Bedtime Stories

    Afternoon followers……if I have any….lol!   I have hit the wall at Weight Watchers.  Every time I start to do soooo well, I self-sabotage.   I am not happy camper, but I am not giving up!

    Ok, now I have read so many books this past week, but I had to review one in particular, Bedtime Stories by G. A. Hauser.  

    Bedtime Storeis“Code named ‘Titus’ using the alias ‘Cody York’, Cody soon realized, there was no way to avoid being tracked.

    After years in the military’s most elite team, Cody had been selected for top security clearance and covert operations. What Cody had thought was a job of keeping the country he loved safe, had changed into corruption and money laundering both from his own men and the enemy. And he was caught in the middle. 

    Arriving in Rome under an alias, one of many he had used over the years, Cody needed time to figure out who was an ally and who was not. 

    Twenty year old singer and guitar player, Beau Cruz, grew up in Frascati, Italy and left home to enjoy Rome’s chaos of crowds and nightlife. He met two fellow street performers, Roberto and Eden, and the three created a trio to sing in the piazza for money during the day, and occasionally bed tourists for cash at night.

    When Cody and Beau meet and share a night of passion, Cody never imagined Beau would become a pawn in the attempt to retrieve high-level intelligence Cody has in his possession. 

    As an old score needs to be settled between Cody and a man who betrays both his government and Cody, Beau and his friends are caught in the middle.

    In the terror of the night, when Cody is trying to offer comfort, Beau and Cody whisper secrets to each other; Bedtime Stories. In an effort to get to know each other, the two men find they have formed a deep connection, and suddenly Beau’s life is in peril because of that bond.

    Bedtime Stories is a tale about trust, faith, and love, and the whispers of secrets you share only with your lover, in bed.”

    Cody York is the new Jason Bourne! This book had it all…romance, mystery,intrigue, and suspense!  Loved it!  I am Definitely giving it ❤❤❤❤❤!

    G.A. Hauser has never let me down when it comes to her novels and Bedtime Stories is just an example of what a wonderful novelist she is.  BRAVA!



  • The Heros Of Silver Springs

    I have been going nuts lately waiting for my favorite authors’ newest releases.  I get the shakes when I can’t get their new books.  I realize it takes time for a good book to be written, and therefore, I should be more patient., but…..I don’t wanna!!!  

    Ok, my two-year-old moment is now past.  My waiting for new releases does give me an opportunity to go through my library and re-read books.  This past week I re-read The Heroes of Silver Springs Series by Tonya Ramagos.  I was shocked to find out that I missed the release of the 10th books in the series and I was jumping for joy!.  I re-read the series from the beginning to the newest like I try to always do.  Why?  Because sometimes, especially with a series that is so long, a reader can forget the little things.  Especially since minor characters you never really paid close attention too are now main characters of the new book.

    Here is the intro to the series from Tonya’s website.

    Welcome to Silver Springs, Mississippi! No, the city doesn’t really exist, but it’s full of life, adventure, hot sex, super-hunky heroes, and, most importantly, romance. Below, you will find the reading order for The Heroes of Silver Springs series. While each book can be read alone, I do suggest reading them in order so you don’t miss anything that has happened with the men and women of Silver Springs.

    Here are the books in the series in order.

    Book 10 in The Heroes Of Silver Springs Series is Up in Flames.  

    “Hazmat Engineer-Lieutenant Max Jasper is an explosively orgasmic recipe for disaster. Fire Investigator Regina Zimmer knows if she lets him get too close, she’ll go up in flames. She’s worked hard to prove herself a highly competent professional in the fire service. But when tragedy strikes, the career she loves is threatened, and surrendering to her desires for Max could change everything.

    Max asked one question when he first met the fiery redheaded Regina, and she immediately dubbed him as Lieutenant Ass. Since then, anytime their paths have crossed, they’ve ended up snipping at each another. Still, when Regina’s personal life starts to take her down emotionally, Max is there for her. When the Flame Jumper begins torching businesses in Silver Springs and targeting Regina, Max is determined to help her catch the arsonist. But doing so will put his needs for her on the line and create a backdraft neither of them can escape.”

    I have loved Max from the beginning of the series.  We first meet him in the first book of the series when his sister comes to live with him after her home is destroyed in Hurricane Emilio.  He is one of those guys that I pine for their book until I actually get it.  After 9 books, I was not disappointed in his story at all.  Max and Regina were made for each other.  She has the brains, and he has the nose.  They make a great team, in and out of bed!.  Up in Flames gets ❤❤❤❤❤! 

    Next time you are having new book withdrawals, go back into your library and re-read a series or all the books from a certain author.  I have a question for you, when your purse is empty or that new books isn’t out yet, what book/series/author do you turn to?

    You want me to answer first?  Ok, I have two stand alone books and two series that I re-reads so much that I am glad they are not paper because they would be ratty and falling apart.

    Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton
    Cross Country Chaos by Lesli Richardson
    The Divine Creek Ranch Series by Heather Rainier
    The Lusty Texas Series by Cara Covington  

    Let me know your to go books!



  • Spotlight on Zayne Michaels

         Zayne Michaels

    About Zayne

    Zayne Michaels is a small-town girl who grew up and ran off to the big city. She currently resides in the Midwest where she spends her days dreaming up dark, sexy adventures in between soccer games and the never-ending pile of laundry. 

    Zayne’s fascination with old and discarded treasures has always been a source of inspiration for her tales. From antique clocks to old, dilapidated houses, her imagination turns to the “what ifs” and “what used to bes.” 

    Maybe this love for the abandoned is why she is a firm advocate of second chances, or perhaps she’s just a little crazy. Whatever the reason, Zayne believes everyone chooses their own path, creates their own destiny, and is the author of their own story.


    Blood Red: Once Upon a Midnight Moon

    “Declan Collins never wanted to be a vampire. He certainly never wanted to be a pawn in his Maker’s games of cat and mouse. When their hunt for a rare and elusive breed of werewolf leads them straight to Declan’s mate, however, it’s game over.

    Lincoln Chastain never imagined the infamous Red Siren would turn out to be his intended. He can’t deny the attraction between them, but nor can he allow a pretty face to distract him from his quest for retribution.

    Sometimes, things aren’t as black and white as they seem and finding the truth will come with a price. Will the secrets they discover give the mated pair the happy ending they desire? Or will the lies and greed of others destroy them before they’ve even started?”

    As soon as I knew this book was available, I had to go buy it and read it.  I have been looking forward to reading this author since I heard about her, and all I can say is she did not disappoint me.  I can’t say too much of how I feel about the characters without giving too much away.  So, I will say I hated who I did when I believe I was supposed to and loved them when I was supposed to.  I know….cryptic much, but really, I can’t say much of anything unless I give away the ending.  All I can say, is everything has three stories, one you see currently, one they see, and what really happened.  All is not what you think it is, and that is what I liked about  Blood Red.  I give this book ❤❤❤❤.

    This title is available from Amazon.  If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can get this title free from the Owners’ Lending Library.

    I look forward to Zayne’s next book in October 2013!