• Cougar Needs

    Today, I read one of my favorite author’s newest books.  That author is Cooper McKenzie.  Like many of the authors I have read, I have read almost all of Ms. McKenzie’s books and I couldn’t wait to read the second book in her Cougarlicious Series.  Here is the blurb from Cougar Needs:

    Cougar Needs (MF)
    “During her girls-only weekend with her two best friends, Stacy Covey states she needs a hero who can love her and whom she can trust with her heart, body, and soul. Months later, when her car is vandalized in front of her house, she calls the police, not realizing that, with that one phone call, her life would change forever.

    Police sergeant and cougar shifter KJ Katz has just about given up on finding his mate, until he arrives at the scene of a car break-in. As he approaches the house, he realizes that the mate he has been looking for all his adult life is inside.
    After being hurt so many times in the past, will she let him into her future? Will she let him be her hero? Will he have a problem because she is eight years older than he is?”
    Now I need to tell you that I didn’t just read Cougar Needs.  In fact, I reread the first book in the series, Cougar Wants, and then I read Cougar Needs.  I spent the whole day today reading.  When a new book in a series releases, I love to read the series from book 1 to current book.  Keeps everything fresh in my head this way.  I feel like I am watching  my favorite show on my DVR and have the next already to watch also.
    I did enjoy reading Cougar Wants, but I enjoyed Cougar Needs even more. I love books about damsels in distress and the white knights who come to their rescue.  In this book, we do learn a little more how being mated to cougar shifter affects a human.  We find out why Stacy is fated to KJ….in my head, because only a shifter could make her feel safe and truly loved.
    Cougar Needs is a classic tale of a woman who has had a terrible past that breaks her and the man (or shifter) that can put her together again.  The only fault I can see in this book is one I find in many…..it is too short!  I wanted more of Stacy and KJ!  

    I give Cougar Needs ❤❤❤❤!

    I cannot wait for Gwen’s Book Ms. McKenzie. Especially when the men all meet at the get together and how the ladies all react to it.


  • Monday Mumblings & Lara Valentine

    Well today I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in.  I gained a pound, however, I want you to keep in mind that I didn’t go last week and I haven’t had my Weight Watcher hat on in a while.  It has been humid here in New York, and I am expecting my period.  So, all in all, I did pretty good.  Seeing as if you are in maintenance “Goal” weight really is within a 4 pound range, if I were on maintenance, I would be fine.

    I am sitting here on my bed after a wonderful lunch with my hubby and my son at Applebees waiting for Prince or Princess to be born/announced.  It is exciting since I can say I saw Princess Diana get married on television.  Saw when she left the hospital with Prince William, mourned Princess Diana when she died, I saw when Prince Charles married Carmela, saw Prince William get married, and now I can watch a new royal be born.  It is all so awsome.

    Anyway, today is Release Day for Lara Valentine!  Click the picture to check out Submitting to the Devil Dom!

    One more thing, I will be reading Cooper McKenzie’s Cougar Needs which is her second book in the Cougarlicious Series.  This book was published June 25, 2013 and is currently only available at BookStrand.  I will read it tonight and post a review of it, either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I am sooooo excited to read it.

    Well for now I will say……Ciao!