My First Official Review!

Ok, as I said in my last post, I read Stormy Glenn’s Wolf Haven 2: Ollie’s Haven.  In this story we follow Ollie and Griffin and watch them fall in love and how they deal with Griffin’s past of being a Sentry.  While reading, I realized that this book is what I like to call “a set up book”.  “A set up book” is an integral part of the story, which introduces a “home” setting and new characters setting the reader up for future books in the series.  Having said that, I did fall for Griffin during this book.  I love my Shifter’s big and possessive and Stormy did well with Griffin.  

I have been thinking what rating system to use, when filing my review.   I have decided to go on a five heart system (❤❤❤❤❤).

So that being said, I give Wolf Haven 2:  Ollies Haven ❤❤❤.  I liked it and it was well written.  I LOVE Stormy as an author and LOVE everything she writes.  I only gave it three hearts because I could tell that it was a “set up book”  and that is fine, but I would have like more meat to it.  However, it does have me anticipating Stormy’s next installation of this series:  Bray’s Bounty.  

For a complete list of Stormy Glenn’s books please go to

On a personal note, I am currently on a weight loss journey like almost every woman I know.  I am a Weight Watcher and am currently on my third go at it.  

Today I did something that I haven’t been able to do the last two times……I earned my 10% Key Chain.  I cried when my leader gave it to me.  I owe Joann alot.  She is the sweetest woman and with her guidance, I know I will reach my goal.

At the current moment I am rereading the Play-By-Play Series by Jaci Burton in anticipation of the next installment:  One Sweet Ride.  (Releases June 4, 2013).  I have already read Book 1 and am in the middle of Book 2.  I have supplied the Series’ book order below for your convenience as well as the like to Jaci’s website.

Book 1: The Perfect Play
Book 2: Changing the Game
Book 3: Taking A Shot
Book 4: Playing to Win
Book 5: Thrown By A Curve
Book 5: One Sweet Ride  

Ok back to reading and cleaning and other things I need to do.



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