Inked on Paper by Nicole Edwards

Two souls who lost their creativity due to personal traumas. Jake is a famous writer who lost his muse when he needed to focus on his family instead of his writing. Presley is a tattoo artist who knows her stuff, just her originals aren’t coming to her after loss.

The two come together and learn love is the best muse.

This is a book within a book. Brilliant!!! Two awsome reads in one!

I love the inside look at how a writer goes through his/her process while writing. It was definitely eye opening how some get into their books and how much of themselves and their experiences.

But the added bonus, is the book at the end of Inked on Paper…… You get a final “published” copy of the book Jake wrote. Loved reading the additions and the changes. I am a beta reader as well as a reviewer and it always blows me away at how things change from first draft, to final.

A wonderful stand-alone book, but I wouldn’t mind a book about Gil and Josie. There is a story there. Blue too!!!


Chapter One…

What happens when you don’t know what comes next?

Jacob Wild has had a lucrative writing career, but somewhere along the way he misplaced his muse. Now, unable to put anything on paper, he’s resorted to hanging out in the neighborhood coffee shop with a pen and paper, trying to find something to spark his creativity again.

That’s when he meets her.

Presley Abrams.

The coral-haired, tattooed beauty with the piercing gray eyes and sweet smile draws his attention in a way no woman before her ever has. Jake soon learns that when he’s around her his world is set to rights once more. Presley sparks something inside him and not just his ability to put words on paper.

But, Presley’s not the easiest woman to get close to and Jake finds himself trying to answer the burning question:

Does happily ever after only exist in fiction?

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with her Kindle in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers – even when she’s supposed to be writing.
Nicole also writes contemporary/new adult romance as Timberlyn Scott.
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