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Gay for Pay was originally published in 2015. Flash forward nearly 3 years later and I have learned so much, become more comfortable as a writer and I’m writing better stories for my readers. So, my editor and I decided to go back to the book that started it all. It was the first book we worked on together and it was the first book in the now wildly popular All Cocks stories. I guess you could say we’ve come full circle. 

The book is cleaner now, the overall flow of the story crisper and there is some additional content. So you definitely want to grab a copy! The book will continue to be sold for 99 cents on Amazon (also available in the All Cocks volume 1 box set – both files have been updated) and free from all other eBook online retailers. Buy links are below as well as an excerpt for your viewing pleasure. 

Wow what a difference two years make, not just with a book, but with a review.  My review sounds more like the synopsis huh…..

One stupid mistake cost Chris everything. His home, friends, family, and himself. Years later, he finds himself on the couch of the only friend he has left. He realizes that he needs to do something to get his own place, but his past keeps him from getting a job.

One day in a bar he finds an ad for All Cocks a gay porn company that is looking for models. Knowing he has no other choice, he goes for it. Surrounded by a new family, he finds how to forgive himself, closure, and someone to love.

As long as you keep your options open, you never know what or who may come along and change your life forever.

This last line is true enough.  If Chris didn’t keep his hear open to new possibilities, he would have missed out on the love of a lifetime.  I am not sure of the exact edits that were done, but I figure that a good thing.  The story was still told, I still cried and I still fell in love with Chris and Linc and all the men at All Cocks. 


Gay for Pay

An All Cocks story, book 1 
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Excerpt from Gay for Pay

copyright 2015 TTC Publishing


“So that’s why you don’t like the guy, and here I thought it was his charming personality.” Chris was trying to lighten the mood, but he wasn’t certain it’d worked since Linc didn’t respond. They walked in relative silence for a while and Chris was enjoying the scenery but also starting to wonder how far out along the water they were going to walk. He stopped and turned back to look and see how far the house was, shocked when it looked tiny in the distance.
He spun around, intent on asking Linc if they could start heading back to the house, running right into a wall. Well, not a wall really, but Linc’s toned chest sure felt like one when Chris barreled into him. He reached up and gripped Chris’s arms to stop him from falling over. Chris smiled and moved to pull back, but Linc held him in place, their bodies just inches apart.
He opened his mouth to tell Linc to release him, but he couldn’t form the words. Chris shook his head, swallowing, trying to add a little moisture to his suddenly dry mouth. When Linc’s tongue darted out, running over his bottom lip, Chris inhaled a sharp breath and tried to break free of Linc’s hold once more, to no avail. If anything, Chris thought his grip tightened. “Can I kiss you?” Linc whispered, his body already slowly moving closer to Chris.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  He wanted Linc to kiss him, and it scared him shitless. In his head he was saying no; he was shaking his head vigorously, no! But his body had a mind of its own. He could feel his head nodding and he closed his eyes as Linc’s warm, wet lips touched his. The kiss was chaste. Linc didn’t press further than a simple peck on the mouth, though lingering for a long time. When Linc pulled away there was a low moan, and Chris’s knees almost gave out when he realized he was the one groaning.
He wanted so much right then. He wanted Linc to kiss him again. He wanted to turn and run away and never look back. Wasn’t this what he’d kept himself up half the night over, his memories of Amanda and the thought of betraying her with anyone else? It no longer mattered to Chris that the person he was thinking of being with was another man. The war raging in his mind didn’t stop Chris from reacting, wanting more. He leaned into Linc’s warmth for another kiss. This time Linc swept his tongue across Chris’s bottom lip, and when Chris moaned again, Linc took it as an open invitation and pressed his tongue into Chris’s mouth.
Chris’s inner monologue that was on constant repeat as of late sounded off in his fogged brain again. Holy fucking Christ.  He could count the number of lovers he’d had in his short life on both hands, but not a damn one of them had ever kissed him the way Linc was kissing him right now. Not even Amanda. Amanda. The thought slammed into Chris’s chest like a boulder and he jerked back. “What’s wrong?” Linc asked, moving toward him, but Chris started walking backward,
“Nothing, it’s not you, I just…I just can’t.” He turned and ran then, ran all the way back to the house, up the stairs and into his room, slamming the door and locking it behind him.
Within minutes, Linc was at the door knocking and calling out for him. Chris didn’t answer him though, ignoring Linc’s pleas to open the door. “Please, Chris, talk to me.” His voice crawled through the tiny crevice at the bottom, reaching up and slapping Chris across the face. Linc sounded hurt, wounded. Still, Chris didn’t respond, nor did he open the door. Linc finally left him to his misery and Chris crawled into the bed, staring at the ceiling until he fell asleep. 




A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.
Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

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