2 Year Blogiversary


Two years ago today I decided to join the rest of the world and start a blog. I joined up on Blogger and I started. I have learnt so much over this time, like how to take great photos from websites like funktrunkchicago.com, in order to add an extra layer of quality to my posts, as well as how to use the best blogging softwares. Over these two years I have also made friends with many readers through Facebook. We all had one thing in common, we love to read romances!!! I want to thank friends like Kimmi Wakefield who has poked me more times than my husband; Shannon Ferguson, who is in just as many street teams as I am; and so many others I cannot name.

In these two years I have made many friends of the authors I have loved for so long. Like, Heather Rainier, Morgan Ashbury, Honor James, Lori King, Tara Rose and so many more. I have also made friend with many new authors (well new to me anyway) like: Caitlyn O’Leary, Suzette Cauler, Suzy Shearer, Lynne St. James, Maggie Walsh, Elle Boon, Cecile Tellier, Grace Ryles, Sloan Johnson, S. Reynolds, RL Merrill, Felice Stevens, Jean Joachim, and so many others if I named them all, this post would take forever. If I haven’t named you, please don’t be upset, I suffer from CRS and I haven’t had any coffee at the time I am writing this post.

To those of you who have opened the world of beta reading, thank you doesn’t even cut it. I never had a thing I did well. And with as many of you allowing me the privilege of beta reading……I must do an OK job of it!

I want to shout out to the Book Obsessed Chicks, especially the Head Chick herself, Kim Rocha, who have welcomed me into their loving craziness and have offered me friendship. Janet, Diana, Christine, Stacey, Voule…..Thank you.

I am now a member of RWA and Long Island Romance Writers – Chapter 160 RWA. Jennifer Gracen, Jeannie Moon, Jolyse Barnette, Patty Blount, Voule Walker, Diana Marick, Elizabeth Kastner and the other members, thank you for welcoming me to the fray.

I am blessed by all of you, even if you never get to read this post, just know I thank you all.


At this time I would also like to thank all of you who have served this country. Without you, there would be no books for me to review or a blog to write. For that, I salute you and your service and remember those who have died.


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R.L. Merrill
R.L. Merrill
May 31, 2015 3:09 pm

Congrats to you and your baby blog!! I too am grateful! This community of authors, bloggers, readers, and artists has become so important to me and has really changed my life! Thanks for all the support! So, when’s the party?

allyn lesley
allyn lesley
May 31, 2015 12:21 pm

Congratulations and here’s to many more!

Sloan Johnson
May 31, 2015 12:19 pm

Congratulations! I’m happy that I’ve gotten to know you, not only as a blogger, but as a fellow reader. Thank you for everything you do!