The Driven Trilogy

Ok, so ever since I started  my second persona on Facebook, I have heard about one series over and over.  That is the Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg.  I have heard over and over again about how this is such a great series that I finally decided to give it a try.

I have a really big thing for bad-boy famous/rich guys.  Colton, so fits that mold.  Rylee is the girl next door who had tragedy in her life.  Two broken (or bent) people who can you can heal each other’s wounds.  I really admire Ry and her ability to see past her own hurt and accept Colton for who he is, scars and all.  

One of my favorite movies is The Holiday.  In it we learn of the meet cute.  A chance meeting of two people who instantly connect.  If you want a man to pursue you….tell him no….  Want to win over a woman, win over her kids.

I was so into the story, that I binge read the series.  In less than 24 hours, I read three books that were intriguing and that kept me so emotionally committed, that I barely wanted to feed my boy last night.  Thank God above I had pizza.  I just couldn’t put the books down for more than a minute.

I mean have you every been reading a book, and just found yourself doing things with it in your hands, propped up against anything just so you can keep reading?  I found myself using a pillow, a ketchup bottle, a wall…. these are bottle books to me.   From now on if I find a book that I just can’t put it down, you will see……

Then entire Driven Trilogy earned that bottle.  It earned the 5 Hearts I give it too! 

If you haven’t read this trilogy, do it!



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