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It is my pleasure to host the Shifting Reality Blog Tour today!  With many titles under her belt under various names (which I think I have them all in my library), I have to say I am a total fangirl of Flynn Eire, and I am honored to be a part of this tour!

This series as a whole is hot, interesting, and enthralling.  I love the whole concept of the paranormal community gathering up and fight for each other and not against each other.  

Book 1, The Coming Storm, is a wonderful introduction setting up the beginning premise, as the title suggests.  But the great thing about this particular book, is that as a book it is complete.  You get a really touching story while still setting up the for the other books to come!

Book 2, Whirlwind Revolution, the new reality of the the paranormal work is dawning.  Getting the word out to their fellow paranormals of what has occurred and what they are planning to do to save themselves.

Book 3, Unavoidable Turbulence, the great migration occurs.  And during this migration, love finds a way to bloom.  Seger is a pilot who loves to fly, and wants to help where he can.  Boston has five brothers  who are overprotective and just wants what is best for their brother.  When these to come together, no one can deny their love.

Book 4, Misery Hailing Down, is by far my favorite book in the series yet.  

Konrad is a trainee in the Royal Guard of the Felines. He thinks everyone wants him only for the sexual favors he can give them, but they really want more.  It isn’t until the King brings in the much feared belis to help protect his stronghold in the only way they can.  Volunteering as the sexual sacrifice to the belis is the least Konrad feels he can do for his King.  What Konrad finds is a bunch of hot powerful men who aren’t what they seem.  Aristotle sees Konrad and knows that he is his One.  He decides that Konrad is his to keep and protect no matter who that may be.  The tangent stories of this book fit.  I can’t get into what they were without ruining surprises and outcomes.  So…I won’t.  Read this book.  

Like I said, so far, this is my favorite in the series.  It has everything that this author inparticular can give us.  Hope, betrayal, love, acceptance, murder, forgiveness and totally hot electrifying sex….literally!  

I highly recommend this book.  Definitely earns 5 Hearts.

Actually the Series itself earns 5 Hearts.  

At the end of this post is the links to Flynn’s website and such, please go to those sites and read this Series and all the other wonderful stories she has written in the past.  Thank you Flynn for the many books you have given us.

  The Coming Storm (Shifting Reality 1) Cover

The youngest and one of the smallest of his malamute siblings, Chicago Niska is a computer genius with a knack for getting his virtual fingers into any system he wants. While trying to finagle his way out of one tricky situation he and his family are already in by getting information their leaders want, he stumbles across something that will bring the country, if not the world, to a crashing end.

Now if they can just get what he found to the right people without getting killed in the process.

On the run across the country to the Paranormal Parliament in the hopes of helping all supernatural kind, he and his older brothers don’t have many options for refuge when every law enforcement agency is after them. There’s only one group in the area that has the power and protection they need to shake the heat… And it’s the one place where there seems to be a great deal of history between two of his brothers and the one vouching for them.

But is the price for the help they need more than they’re willing to pay?

Family always comes first to Chicago, so he makes a deal with the devil, and a few vampires on the side, to get the help they need to survive the mission ahead. And after a night of passion and a fantasy come true, Chicago has allies he never dreamed of—one even willing to risk his life, joining their mission to spark a relationship with Chicago. There’s not time for love when you’re trying to save the world though… Is there?

Things never go as planned, and instead of finding the man of his dreams, Chicago realizes he might end up with a broken heart at the end of the journey. It seems silly to worry about that though when millions of lives are at stake if they don’t get the information he found to the right people. Funny how Chicago can’t seem to focus on much else given it’s his first love and his family will probably live with Aurelo’s coven… If they’re still alive by the time they reach their leaders.
Whirlwind Revolution (Shifting Reality #2) Cover
The Paranormal Parliament knew the humans were out to get every last paranormal on the planet. How do they even begin to fight a conspiracy like that when their own leaders betrayed them?

A really good backup plan, owls flying all over the world to distribute the proof of the war to come.

Hadley Burgess has survived too much in life, including being beaten by his fellow US Air Force officers he thought his friends. Once again thrown in a situation not of his making, Hadley longs for the one thing he never seems to have in his life… Control. Entrusted with an important mission by his director, he leaves behind his flock to help save the feline Prince.

First in line to the throne, lynx Torrance Folkvar must come to terms with the news that Hadley gave him. Tired of being nothing but in charge and looking at even more responsibilities, he sees Hadley as a reason to try and let go for the first time in his life.
Working with different groups of shifters, will they be able to save thousands from the genocide, or will they all succumb to the changing winds?
Unavoidable Turbulence (Shifting Reality 3) Cover
When help is needed to evacuate paranormals from their homes to the strongholds, Boston Niska doesn’t hesitate to volunteer. They need more pilots and several jump right in, but Boston notices one in particular.

Gorgeous, delectable Seger Granite, who is nothing like the fairytales told about his kind. In fact, he is quite the opposite. Boston falls hard for the shy little pilot, hoping to help with the deep, unknown hurt Seger suffers from and keep his new man safe from all who want him.

Seger has a hard time coming to grips with what is going on in the world. All he wants to do is retreat to his family home and remain in the background, like he always has. But he can’t help but want to be with Boston and learn how to be a part of something—if he can convince Boston’s five meddling brothers that he’s worthy of Boston’s love.

Words, accusations, and misunderstandings litter their relationship in ways neither is equipped to handle. Will the two be able to pick up the pieces and find their way together, or will there forever exist unavoidable turbulence?
  Misery Hailing Down (Shifting Reality 4) Cover
Trying to recover from events during the evacuation to the stronghold, Konrad Floriano, Royal Guard trainee and reluctant play toy, is just getting his life back on track. Loyal and dedicated to his King and people, when the unspeakable is desired of him, he sacrifices himself for the good of all.

Aristotle Royal, eldest of the belis, chooses Konrad—the sexy, bright-eyed feline—as the stronghold’s offering for their services. Trapped by tradition, need, and rules, it’s not how he wishes to meet someone so special.

Used to only being wanted for his body, Konrad is shocked when this time it garners him respect and even gives him a chance to grow in his role among the felines, from protector to diplomat.

But when the six Royal brothers find out they were called upon for a different reason than they understood, the stakes raise while fears grip the stronghold.

Betrayal, mystery, and the desire to belong continue to throw obstacle after obstacle in Konrad and Aristotle’s way. Will they be able to find their connection, their place with each other, or will misery continue to hail down?

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Flynn has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal—ignoring the nuns at her grammar school who thought her a demon worshiper. Her outward appearance and personality doesn’t exactly fall in line with her twisted humor either, and Flynn gets a kick out of people’s initial reaction to how “normal” she is. So, after publishing over 100 titles under various names, it is finally time to unleash the evil twin, allowing Flynn the freedom to pursue the darker side of her imagination.

Unavoidable Turbulence (Shifting Reality #3)

“Boston, how’s it hanging?” Mav asked as his way of greeting.

“It doesn’t hang when I get in a plane,” I answered, knowing his code question and answer all too well.

“Dude, where have you been? It’s been like forever. What can I do you for?”

“I need to confirm some airstrips with you, get more on the list, and rent every available plane you can get me.” I didn’t see any reason to beat around the bush.

“You airlifting Canada to Mexico?” he joked, even though worry leaked into his tone.

“Something like that. You heard about Moscow,” I hedged, realizing lots of people had stopped what they were doing to pay attention to me now. 

“You and I are smart enough to know that wasn’t really about terrorists or a terrorist attack.”

“No, way too organized for the government if it was a legit threat,” he agreed. 

“What are you saying, Boston? What’s coming?”

“For sure? I don’t know. But I’m getting the fuck off the grid and making sure all the people who have been good to me, or will be an asset in the days ahead, are coming with me. You feel me?” I thumbed my ear, waiting for what he was going to say and praying he didn’t ask for more specifics.

“Yeah, I hear you loud and clear. I’ll take the news and advice as a personal favor since I know you have other options when it comes to what you need now.”

Not actually since our other contact for getting in the air if we needed it secretly died because he was an old elder. I shrugged at Seattle. Mav didn’t need to know that.

Shut it,” Seattle hissed when the room got too loud. “We need the map.”

“I made markers for you,” Phoenix offered, looking pale and sweaty.

Yeah, I felt the same. I took them with a nod of thanks and started marking the map with what Mav was telling me, relaying the planes we could have access to at each one for Seattle to take note.

“Boston, we’re friends but we’re not good enough friends I’m going to let this all go on credit,” Mav finished with.

“I’ve got that covered. I’m bringing the banker of the project,” I assured him, glancing at Samantha. She nodded and held up a note. Give me a dollar amount. I could do that.


“You’re a fan of rocks, right?”

“Always,” Mav answered and I could practically hear the smile in his voice.

Misery Hailing Down (Shifting Reality #4)

I was easy. I was easy to get into bed, easygoing, easy to please, easy on the eyes—from what I’d heard—and just about any other form of easy. I didn’t like drama. I preferred to work hard, be happy, and just have fun.

But I wanted love. Sure, sure, we all do. That was part of being a person—craving it, wanting it and to belong.

Apparently they didn’t all have a target on them somewhere that just drew assholes to them.

“No, you’ll be dropping this whole Royal Guard nonsense, Konrad,” Olave informed me with a dismissive wave as we stepped off the plane to the stronghold.

“I’m sorry, what?” I whispered as I trailed after him, my heart dropping into my stomach. Talk about getting indigestion. A couple nights of hot sex and being fawned all over did not make me suddenly a doormat.

“You should be for questioning me, especially now,” he growled, adjusting his neck. “I ask for submission, Konrad. It’s not a difficult concept.”

“In bed,” I hissed as I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him off to the side. “That’s not the same as deciding my life for me.”

He narrowed his eyes at me as if I was a bug annoying him. “I know what’s best for both of us.”

He shrugged me off, and I froze there for several moments before hurrying to catch up when I heard my name.

“Yes, and Konrad Floriano’s things will be put in my room,” Olave was telling the vampire checking people in.

“No, no, they won’t,” I snarled as I joined them, slapping my hand on the table. “I will take whatever room my King has set up for me. I have no ties to the horses or this control freak who’s acting like we’re married or he owns me.”

“I told you not to question me and you have the gall to disrespect me!”

There was a loud crack in the room and it took me a moment to realize the sound had been made against my face… And I was flying through the air. I crashed into a pillar and slid down, blood already dripping down my head.

“Konrad, I’m so sorry,” Olave choked out as he was suddenly squatting in front of me.

I let my hands change to claws as I stared at him, trying to stay conscious. “You got that one for free because of the stress we’re all under. You touch me again and you’ll see how well trained I am. Fuck off, Olave. We’re done.”

“No, of course we’re not,” he argued even as he reached for me. I swiped at him, and he drew back his hand in time.

“What is going on here?” Abram bellowed as he pushed through the crowd. He did a double take when he saw me and started cussing up a storm.

“Don’t let Olave kidnap me to his room,” I mumbled. “He’s controlling and abusive.”

He slid his arms under me and picked me up. “I promise, buddy. I got you.”

“No, this is unacceptable. Konrad is mine and…”

I didn’t hear anything else after that. Abram wouldn’t let me end up chained in Olave’s closet or something. That was all I needed to know before I let the darkness take me.

I was fuzzy when I came back around. I heard medical machines but it was like whatever I’d been dreaming just wasn’t letting me go. And I was pretty sure they had drugged me.

I blinked at the lights and felt as if I were trying to see through plastic wrap. When I realized where I was, I groaned. Med bay was never where someone wanted to wake up… No matter how pristine everything was. My ears hurt from the excess noise, always so many people in there that one sound couldn’t be picked out, bouncing off all the metal surfaces.

When I could see clearly as to who was standing next to me, I winced. Yeah, who doesn’t want to wake to their pissed off King giving you the off with his head look?

“So, you’ve had some fun,” King Torrance drawled as Abram moved to the other side of me to help me sit up. “Go slow with the ice chips. It’s going to take you some time to heal.”

“Wait, why?” I croaked out but stopped from asking anything else when he narrowed his eyes at me.

“We will get your to health, but first we need to handle this diplomatic mess you’ve started,” he seethed. “Now, explain to me why I have dozens of witnesses saying that you verbally accosted Stallion Olave and changed your hand to a paw around him? I thought you liked him? Why start all this shit with the horses, Konrad?”

“I didn’t,” I whispered as my eyes filled with tears. Of course I couldn’t just be assaulted by the guy I was dating. It had to be an international incident. Fan-fucking-tastic.

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The Coming Storm (Shifting Reality #1)
Whirlwind Revolution (Shifting Reality #2)
Unavoidable Turbulence (Shifting Reality #3)

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The Coming Storm (Shifting Reality #1)
Whirlwind Revolution (Shifting Reality #2)
Unavoidable Turbulence (Shifting Reality #3)
Misery Hailing Down (Shifting Reality #4)


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