Shifters for Sale by Flynn Eire

Born a slave, Joss grew up alone, uneducated, unloved, and dreading the day he turned eighteen and began servicing those who came to the brothel. It’s a horrible life for the cat shifters who have no rights and aren’t even seen as people. The only highlight is the massive parties the brothels throw once every few months to draw in potential buyers.
Joss is about to give up the dream of finding a permanent owner—the hope of every slave. But then the mystery man in the white mask buys him, turning his world upside down. While Joss should hate that, all he wants is to make Dencil happy and solve the man’s problems. Will the cost of Joss’s help be more than he can handle?

Can you imagine the world you know, turning on it’s ear, making you a sex slave?  Your freedom taken away and having to screw anyone that wants to screw you?  I felt so bad for Joss.  To be a sex slave is one thing, being raised to be one is a whole different ball of wax.  Thank the Gods above that Dencil found him.  After Dencil buys Joss, your heart starts to calm thinking Joss is finally going to get his Cinderella moment.  Then it shatters for him.  Joss is so brave and strong.  Not only surviving what he goes through, but then overcoming it enough to save his new family.  I cannot wait for the next SeXlection book is released!  Four Hearts!

I know I give many books four hearts.  What makes me give 5?  Tears of happiness or sadness and a deep emotional pull.  So just because I don’t give a book 5 Hearts, don’t think I didn’t love it.

“So good,” I moaned as I chewed on a bite-sized cheesecake. Then I grabbed a brownie. Chocolate was rare to get our hands on and I loved it. I whimpered as I ate it, knowing it would be a while before I ever had anything this tasty.

“The way you eat food is almost orgasmic,” a deep voice said from behind me. Hell, he basically rumbled and I felt myself shiver. “I’m hard just from watching you eat and seeing your tight little ass.”

“I’m glad I please you, sir.” I wanted to sigh and bang my head against the wall. Guess I wasn’t going to get the chance to stuff my face after all. I was going to be stuffed soon instead.

“Are you really or are you bemoaning the loss of your sweets?” he chuckled and I practically felt it vibrating in my chest.

I turned to face him, almost gasping at how gorgeous he was. We didn’t get many of those. I mean, why would someone hot have to pay for it? He had shorter, stylish blond hair and the most piercing blue eyes behind his mask. I licked my lips as I eyed over how he filled out that tux. Very nice! He had to be about six-five of complete hotness.

“I never want to displease anyone, sir. But you have to know that slaves don’t get treats like this, so yes, I wanted to get my fill.”

“My slaves do,” he whispered in a husky voice. He stepped closer and took my free hand, raising it to his lips and licking off the remnants of the brownie on my fingers. “I treat my slaves well since they bring me pleasure. I give them the freedom of my estate, the chance to educate themselves, and I even ask if they’re in the mood before being intimate with them.”

“Sounds nice. No one ever cares about me.” I heard the wistful tone in my voice, but I couldn’t help it. What he said was the ultimate dream for any slave. “If you have slaves, then might I ask why you are looking for another one, sir?”

“They seem to have grown disinterested in me after being with me for years.” I was shocked he was being so honest with me. He let me go and stepped away for a moment before pulling over a chair right to the table and sitting down. Then he gestured to his lap. “Won’t you join me?”

“Thank you,” I purred. We weren’t allowed to sit unless someone with a white mask told us we could so I’d been on my feet, knees, or bent over something for hours now. I sat my smaller five-eight frame on his firm lap with a delighted sigh. The height difference wasn’t so bad when I sat down but all I wanted to do was curl against his chest, purr, and eat yummy treats.

What was wrong with me? I never reacted like this to men who wanted to fuck me and use my body, not caring about me as a person.

“May I tend to that while you keep eating?” he asked, gesturing to my cock. I nodded with my mouth hanging open, completely speechless. “How about another brownie?”

“Yes, please,” I whimpered. I snagged one up and took a bite, moaning at how rich it was. Then I gasped as he wrapped his hand around my cock and started leisurely stroking me. I gently rocked my hips as I ate, never having been so spoiled in my life. I reached over and selected another one, holding it up for him. “Would you like some, sir?”

“Yes, yes, I would.” His voice had gone even deeper, not that I thought that had been possible.

He grabbed my head and yanked me down to him, plundering my mouth. I moaned and dropped the brownie before wrapping my arms around his neck and submitting to him. Most didn’t ever kiss slaves, so I’d had only a few experiences and never like this. I guess he liked the taste of brownie on me because he kept kissing me until my lungs burned from needing more air.

The mystery man who kissed like a god, turned me so I straddled his lap as he kept stroking me. “Lean back and put your hands on my knees. I want to see every inch of you as I make you come.”

“Yes, sir,” I moaned loudly, doing what he asked.

“Are you always this vocal?”

“Yes, when I’m really into it. I’m trying to be quiet now because we get in trouble if we cause a scene.”

He clucked his tongue in his cheek and shook his head. “That’s a shame. But if I keep you I want you as loud as can be always.”

“Anything you want, sir,” I whimpered.

“Right answer.” He wiggled the plug in my ass as I bit my lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. “Come for your master.”

My eyes went wide right before my body listened to him. I threw back my head and let go. I felt warm spunk land on my abs as I rode the bliss and thrust into his hand.

“Stunning, simply stunning,” he cooed. When I was spent I sagged a bit, blinking my eyes open again as I focused on him. “You really needed that, didn’t you, baby?”

“Yes, I did,” I panted as I stared at him. I had this strange urge to curl up against him and do as he wanted for the rest of my life. “Will you sample me, sir? Will you keep me?”

“I think I will,” he chuckled, holding out another brownie for me. I opened for him, taking my time to lick the frosting off his fingers. “Behave.”

“Yes, sir.” He was confusing me and my expression must have shown it.

“I know you have to clean up in between people, but I find I don’t want another man on your skin, having touched you, when I take you the first time.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” I blurted then shut my mouth when he frowned, troubled by what I’d admitted.

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