Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy by Tonya Ramagos

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading reading this second installment in Tonya Ramagos’s Heroes of Silver Island Series, Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy.

Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy (MFM)“Kimberly Bevel found her place on Silver Island. In a community where ménage relationships are the norm, all she’s missing is the love of two super-sexy hunks to complete her paradise. When she meets Coast Guard Petty Officers Emmett “Mett” and Charlie Doyle, she knows she’s found the men she wants, even if the brothers aren’t eager to share.

Mett and Charlie have been equally attracted to women before, but Kimberly is the first neither have been willing to walk away from. There’s little more important to Mett than a woman’s happiness, and he knows exactly how to deliver it. Charlie isn’t as suave as Mett, but he’s got a few moves up his sleeve.

While the brothers go head-to-head in their efforts to win Kimberly’s heart, she looks for a way to keep them both. But when she becomes the target of a madman, she may need Mett and Charlie to do more than keep her bed warm at night.”

Coast Guards who not only cook but are hot as hades too! Woohoooo! I really enjoyed this book, although a little short. Mett and Charlie are half brothers who share everything ….everything but women that is until they meet Kimberly. Kimberly is the attendant at the Welcome Center of Silver Island and who is helping with the Christmas Party after the Christmas Parade. She is ready to find two men who will win her heart. As soon as they meet, sparks fly. Will Met get over sharing Kim? Read the book and find out! But I have one question, will Charlie ever figure out what was missing from the dressing? Tonya, maybe in the next book?




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