• On the Second day of Christmas…..

    On the Second Day of Christmas, My Kindle Brought to Me……..

    A Little Christmas Romance by H.M. Ward
    A Little Christmas Romance

    “There’s no such thing as second chances, and Brooke would know. This Christmas will be spent alone and celebrated, same as the last. It doesn’t matter that she’s a disgruntled mall elf, standing next to a chimney-scented Santa with the most annoying co-worker ever. It doesn’t make Christmas more magical. It’s just another day to endure, and the holiday can’t pass fast enough. That is, until her old flame, Chris, spots her.

    After taking a picture with Brooke in her elf costume, things take an unexpected turn. Maybe getting through the night won’t be so difficult after all.”

    This short holiday novella, but it is classic in nature.  Being a Long Island girl, I smiled within two seconds of reading this novella for the simple fact that it takes place in a town I know quite well.  I have been to that particular mall more times than I can count! I could play that mental movie without effort.  I wonder if most readers enjoy reading books that take place somewhere they know?  

    This book is a cute little story that reminds us all a few life lessons.  1.  Communication is key in any relationship.  2.  Don’t let fear run your life and 3.  Always give love a chance.  

    I enjoyed this book.  Wish it would have been longer, but there is another Christmas book by Ms. Ward that I will be reading and including later on.  



  • On the First Day of Christmas……

    During this time of year, I just feel like immersing myself into stories that involve the Holiday Season.  I don’t know, but for some reason, everything is more romantic to me during this time of year.

    So without any further ado……On the First Day of Christmas my Kindle brought to me……..

    The Who Needs Christmas? Series 
    by Joyee Flynn!

    Twelve elves decided to leave the North Pole for various reasons.  Oh and did I mention, each hate Christmas for that reason?  They find each other and decide to become brothers and live in Chicago.  They are together for many many years.  They become well known businessmen who also make a fortune as “Gamer Gods”.  One by one, Fate smiles upon each elf and they find their Mates.  The Mates then help their respective elf get over their gripe about Christmas.

    I love this series.  It is a fantasy/paranormal m/m series.   Joyee Flynn always writes such wonderful romances that touches and entertains the reader.  She is by far one, in my opinion, one of the best writers in her genre.  The Who Needs Christmas? Series is an excellent example of Ms. Flynn’s creativity, imagination, and good humor.  

    If you are looking for a fun Christmas read, I highly suggest this series.  I give the Who Needs Christmas? Series:

    Here is the reading order of the Series:

    Screw Santa
    Hell’s Bells
    Stupid Mistletoe
    Holy Stockings
    Down With The Tunes
    Frosty Melt
    Shove Your Tree
    Stripe My Pole
    Bite My Cookies
    Flush The Twinkles
    Hanging Antlers
    Wrap It Up

    Happy Holidays!  Ciao!


  • It’s Almost Time!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am still too full to move.  I had a great time at my mother’s house with my family.  We played cards until I needed to go home.   Today is left overs day.

    It is almost that time!!!  I saw this picture on the net and I loved it!  A book Christmas Tree!  Just a reminder that starting Sunday I will be starting the 24 Books/Series of Christmas!  All the books I review will be one of a few themes or settings.

    *  A series or book that takes place during Christmastime.
    *  A series or book that has a Christmas Theme.
    *  A series or book that takes place during the Winter.

    There will always be a sense of the holiday season in the books.  Again, if you wish to have your book included or you have read a book that you think I should include, please contact me!  

  • Karen’s Ramblings & 24 Books of Christmas

    Well, I gained more weight this week.  At least I can say that I went to WW and weighed in knowing I probably would gain.  However, I am determined as ever to gain my 25 pound star by my 40th Birthday in January.  I will do IT!

    Also, I wanted to remind you that I will be starting my 24 Books/Series of Christmas starting December 1!  I am already reading and re-reading certain Christmas books/series.  I will give you the First Book/Series of Christmas will be by one of my favorite authors….Ms. Joyee Flynn!  I bet you can guess what the Series is!!!!

    If you would like me to include your Christmas book or series (or one that you have read and adored), please email me, Facebook me, or Twitter me.



  • Showing some Maya Banks love!

    It was brought to my attention today that I haven’t posted in a while and that is so not like me.  So here I am. My computer had to be totally reset back to factory and it is a pain to get it back to the way it was before.
    I am at a stand still in my weight loss journey and I am a little bummed about it.   Ok, before this starts to sounds like a really bad country song, on to good things!

    I got my new Kindle Paperwhite this past week!!!  So far I love it!!!!!!!!  I got a USB fiber optic xmas tree for my office.  I know too early, but it is keeping me happy so I don’t care.

    Anyway, I have to talk about the great, the fabulous Maya Banks.  A couple of weeks ago, Maya released a new series independently, Tangled Hearts Trilogy.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I own every book Maya has ever released for a reason.  She writes romances that make me laugh, cry, frustrated, happy, sad, scared and anything else you can think of in one book.  I have yet to read anything that Maya has written that made me say “I could have gone without reading it”.   

    The first book in the Tangled Hearts Trilogy is Theirs to Keep.  Here is the cover and the blurb:

    keep_450“When Cade Walker and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store, they know they can’t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her. Merrick is training for the title shot in the heavyweight division as a mixed martial artist and can’t afford distractions, but neither can he turn his back on the woman who tugs at his heartstrings.

    Elle feels safe with her two protectors, and the longer she spends with them, the more she realizes that she has no desire to remember her past. Not when it could compromise her future with Cade and Merrick.

    Cade has his own set of concerns when it comes to Elle, and it quickly becomes clear to the two men that for the first time in their friendship, a woman is coming between them. But what if they just kept her there? Between them. Where she belongs.”

    I liked this book so much, that after I started writing this post last week, I read it again!!  Elle is the damsel in distress and Merrick and Cade are definitely the heros anyone would want them to rescue.  Merrick is the closed off fighter who loves has hard as he fights.  Cade wears his heart on his sleeve and is proud of it.  Alpha males that love as hard as they play always get my motor revving!  

    According to Maya’s website, “Maya will be self publishing the Tangled Hearts trilogy…… but it WILL be available via print on demand but it will only be available to order online and will not be stocked in physical book stores as her other books are.

    The Tangled Hearts trilogy will be published in ADDITION to all of Maya’s regularly scheduled books and won’t interfere with the publication schedule of her existing books. Because she will be writing these and fitting them into an already crowded schedule, she won’t announce the publication dates for Always Mine (book 2) or Forever Ours (book 3) until she is certain that the date won’t change.

    It is her hope for there not to be long periods of time between the release of the first book and subsequent books, and she’ll do her very best to get them into your hands as soon as humanly possible.

    Because Maya is self publishing this trilogy, she will try to make it possible for ANYONE to be able to purchase and read the books which means there will be no geographical restrictions and they will be available worldwide to readers who are able to purchase digital books online as well as ordering the print edition online as well.

    As always, the minute Maya has information on release dates, the information will be posted on this website, Facebook and Twitter as well as be announced in her newsletter to subscribers.”

    Thank you for keeping us informed Maya.  I can’t wait for Always Mine to come out.  I hope it is soon!

    Theirs to keep is a definite 5❤ book.  


    I was so pysched over the new Tangled Series one second and heart broken the next.  Why?  The last Colters’ Legacy book also came out this past week,  Colters’ Gift.  

    The Colters’ Legacy reading order is as follows:

    1.  Colters’ Woman (re-edited version also contains the Novella “Callie’s Meadow”)
    2.  Colters’ Lady
    3.  Colters’ Daughter
    4.  Colters’ Promise

    5.  Colters’ Gift (Bonus: Also Includes a New Original Colter Novella which is the official conclusion to the Colters’ Legacy Series)

    Here is a blurb for Colters’ Gift:

    Colters' Gift“Lauren Wilder fell for the wrong man, trusted the wrong man, and she paid a very dear price for it. Now broken and wounded, she’s retreated to the bosom of the Colter family and the unshakeable love and support they offer. But the man she once loved and trusted is not without his own power, and he’ll use every bit of his money and resources to make sure he gets Lauren back, no matter whom he destroys doing it.

    Liam and Noah were hired by Lauren’s brother to watch over her. But with danger looming, they head to the Colorado mountains—where Lauren has found temporary sanctuary. In her wounded eyes, Liam and Noah see the woman she once was—and could be again. They’re determined to show her everything a man can be—someone who will love her, cherish her, satisfy her, and when the time comes, put their very lives on the line for her.”

    I highly recommend that if you don’t have this series already, please purchase it and read it from the beginning.  If you have the whole series, read it from the beginning to the end so you can get the full affect of it.  This isn’t just the “Colters’ Legacy”…..it is Maya’s .   Through this entire Series Maya takes us through to three generations of Colters spanning I believe 35 years.  I love that.  I feel like a part of their family. Although I did not want to see this series to end, the way it was written, I have no questions or feeling of being left hanging.  The story came full circle and I feel whole-heartedly satisfied.  The last book, as well as the the entire series get a 5❤ rating.  


    Did you notice my snowflakes?  heheheh  Starting December 1st I will be doing “SiK Reviews 24 Books of Christmas“!  Everyday I will be featuring either  a book, anthology or series dedicated to Christmas.  I have 5 for sure books that I have already.  Do you know any more?  Please fell free to either post me/message me on Twitter/Facebook, e-mail me, or just leave me a message attached to this post.  I look forward to hearing from you!