Golden Perspective by Lynn B. Davidson

Golden Perspective (Zehave Gold, #2)

Evie and Tyler were captured as slaves and forced into intimacy by the captors. As time went by, they found solace and love together, but when they miraculously escape, Tyler must finally tell Evie the truth. He is a prince on his planet, and marriage with an Earth woman is unacceptable. He loves her, but he has to put the needs of his people first. Heartbroken, she understands.

Evie begins a new life on this alien planet, where she meets the gorgeous and loyal Dylan. Dylan’s single-minded pursuit and devotion convinces her that they can overcome their cultural differences, and love once again is possible. Tyler sees Evie falling in love again, and realizes nothing is more important than loving Evie.

Now he must win not one, but two hearts. Can Evie overcome her fears and learn to love these two men, and embrace the vibrant and sexual culture that would have all three of them loving one another?

Evie & Tyler fell in love as prisoners. When freed, they felt as their lives where going in separate ways so they ended it. Evie then fell for Dylan. You can tell from the start the sparks between them were flying. When Tyler realizes that Evie and Dylan were getting serious, he decides he can’t live without her. Le sigh…..

They decide to go away and see if they all fit. And boy did they!

I won’t go into detail any further. This book is entertaining and imagnative. I was definitely able to understand the golden perspective.

Four Hearts!

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