Cover Reveal of REVEALED by Caitlyn O’Leary

Tortured Beyond Endurance

Kelly Wachowski is kidnapped because she was found, like others across the world, on a day twenty years ago, all of them with no memory of their past, or how they got there.  Her adoptive parents raised her, and she has some special abilities, but still managed to live a normal life until it was all ripped away. Now she prays for death instead of enduring one more day at the hands of her tormenters.  The only thing that she can cling to is dreams of a long ago time with her childhood friend Noah.

A Hero with a Secret

Samson Noah Kailailmoku grew up on Kauai and is now a highly decorated officer and part of an elite Navy unit that is tasked to rescue Kelly.  He too was found twenty years ago, but his past was not publicized.  The closer he gets to Kelly, the more he can feel the pain of her torture, the more he dreams of their shared past.

A Love That Was More than a Dream

Even after being rescued, Kelly can’t escape her hell.  Something has changed.  She’s changed, and people are still after her.  When Noah realizes that Kelly is still in danger, he will move heaven and earth to ensure her safety.  The more time they spend together they realize that they have a shared past that is more than a dream.  But before they can have the shared future that they both want, they must first find and stop those that want them dead.

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February 9, 2015 3:05 pm

A great story to kick off a brand new series!! Way to go Caitlyn!!!